April 28, 2007

Unfinished Emo-ness

To delete or not to delete that is the question.I found some drafts but haven't the heart to finish them and oh well i wanted badly to post something today so i decided to post them as they are. Another line i came up with (damn i'm feeling so clever lately :> ), "Some things are better left unfinished... esp. when it's emo"
Somebody planted a cocoon at the pit of my stomach.
I can feel it slowly growing each day.
I don’t know where it feeds it strength.
But today I felt a tiny crack and the slow and unsteady unfurling of its tiny wings.
I feel its hesitant flutter but I feel its growing strength
Today, I counted one but now I realized it’s two, three, oh wait there’s more
Their flapping is making me squeamish and woozy
Today, the day that you came...
I taste summer on your lips
Shiny , shimmers
Sending tingles
Down my spine
I smell moonlight on your skin
Twinkle, sparkles
Sending tingles
Down my spine
I find it cute the way you avert your gaze when I catch you staring at me
The hesitation of your hands as you reached for mine
Or the way you seem to shiver at the slightest touch
The unsure ...
I am at a point when I’m unsure whether to move forward or step back ,
But I suddenly realized that I can neither do both.
It wasn’t a question of moving forward or back,
left or right, up or down.
It’s whether to fall or soar.
And that the choice wasn’t really mine after all,
The body has already succumbed to gravity.
The plummet has already begun.
Will I fumble towards ecstasy this time?
Or shall I brace myself for another crash?


April 25, 2007

Heroes is back

After almost a month of waiting and much anticipation, Heroes is finally back from their hiatus. I just finished watching episode 19, "0.07%", thanks to Torrent. My friends and i have formulated many theories as to what will happen but none of us ever guessed it right. There are more revelations and interesting new developments like Peter escaping Sylar but losing his bangs in the process LOLS The ending was awesome for me(because i love Hiro) when Hiro comes face to face with his future self. I can't wait for Episode 20 and so on... Geez, i'm actually much excited about this show than Christmas.I can't remember the last time i got hooked with a TV series like i am now. And I just feel this need to infect as many people as possible.In the office i would talk about the show nonstop that's why some of my officemates and friends are also hooked now. To those who haven't watched the show...i can't even begin to put into words what you guys are missing >:)
"If you don't have a quality life atleast watch quality TV show"- I just thought of this line and i'm gonna make it my mantra.Alright!


April 24, 2007

Meme:Favorite Places in Davao

Got tagged by Blogie with this meme.

The Rules:Let’s play another tag game, Davao bloggers! Honorary Dabawenyos, feel free to jump in!This tag game is about your favorite haunts in our beloved Davao City. Where do you go for much-needed relaxation? What about for working out those flabs? Where do you find yourself when you’re with someone you want to impress? Let’s bring all of these Davao places out in the blogosphere!

My favorite place for…

•COFFEE : Bo’s Coffee Shop or Figaro
•DATES : April 24, 2007? ;) Transcendence CafĂ©, on top of Ponce Suite Art Gallery at Bajada just discovered this a few weeks ago. It's really cool out there. You get to see all those art exhibits then hang out at the coffeeshop at the rooftop, overlooking.... Bajada street nga lang hehehe
•BIZ MEETINGS: Conference Room no. 1 sa office namin :) or Marco Polo
•HANGING OUT : Cats and Dogs Videoke, Rizal St. Almost Perfect attendance ako dun pag weekends, room no. 8 :p
•PARTYING : not really much of a party animal
•PIGGING OUT : Chippens or Nanay Bebengs... eat all you can
•MASSAGE : Tan Ton Relaxation Center , Almost Perfect Attendance din
•WORKING OUT : Bee Fit Fitness Gym at Quirino or at MTS
•GETTING AWAY FROM IT ALL: my room with a good book or Cannibad Beach though I’ve never been there…yet
I'm tagging Tina, Araphoenix, George, Neil, Roselle , Karol and Janus. and anybody else who's interested. There's no limit as to how many people to tag so tag all you want :)


April 23, 2007

Lightbulb Moments

Who needs a shrink when I have friends like these? :)

Me :I’m not depressed or suicidal but I just want to get this life over and done with
Mike : You should see a shrink. It helps, I saw one before
Me :really? What for?
Mike : I was having anxiety attacks mostly it was because of my thyroid
Me :thyroid as in hyperthyroidism?
Mike : Yep people w/ hyper are prone to depression
Me : I have hyperthyroid…I guess that figures. It was hyperthyroid all along
Mike : Really are you having medications?
Me : yep but it’s been a while since I had my check up
Mike : You should continue your meds and about your prob.. a shrink could really help
Me : why is it that they only contact us when they get bored or lonely?
Paklay : Well kids…I guess that’s the role we play in their lives. But admit it we also have people whom we only call when we get bored or lonely right?
Me :yeah so it must just be some karmic thing
Me :Ever hide from reality through fantasy?
Erwin : not really because most of my fantasies…sexual that is have come true, modesty aside. What about you? What are your fantasies even those not sexual? Maybe it’s time to make them into a reality
Me : meet prince charming…ever after
Erwin : that was a quick answer *gulps beer and pauses for a long moment of silence*


And to George for making me realize that i am in love with Wentworth Miller LOLS Thanks for giving me the last two episodes of Prison Break..bitin


April 21, 2007

Prison Break

I just finished having my Prison Break marathon. I had fever for two days which gave me enough time to watch the show uninterrupted. The show is about a Structural Engineer, Michael Scofield (Wenworth Miller) who went to prison to break his brother Lincoln Burrows(Dominic Purcell) out. Lincoln is on death row after being framed for the death of the vice president’s brother. The brothers later realized that it wasn’t just a simple frame up but they are up against a bigger conspiracy which involves high ranking officials of the government and major corporations. The show has an interesting plot with characters you love and hate at the same time and sprinkled with prison humor and wit. The show actually seems like a long and extended version of the movie The Fugitive. I don’t recommend this TV series to anybody who has a weak heart or have high blood pressure because of those suspenseful moments. The show is melodramatic, contains graphic scenes and contains more questions than answers. The show was off to a slow start but the pace picked up in the latter part on to the second season. That’s when you realize the brilliance of Michael’s plan. However, it seemed to me that the protagonists got away not because of the brilliant plan but because of pure luck, friends showing up at the right time and antagonists who have a change of heart at the last minute. Okay I admit one main reason I watch the show was because of Wenthworth Miller. I now share my cousin’s obsession with him. He is soooo ….yummy. He kinda reminds me of Elijah Woods but less the Frodo-ness with those intense eyes and edible lips. One look at him and …okay this calls for another post entirely devoted to Wentworth. Oh well, with or without Wentworth, I’m hooked enough to the show to look forward to the third season which I heard will also be the last.



Sometimes you just know when someone’s not good for you. You try to walk away but you know that he had gotten under your skin. I know that happens when the simple thought of him makes me smile and when I start to miss him. Then get pissed if he doesn’t text or call or get online. Then start hating myself if I’m tempted to contact him. Then delete his number on my phonebook to make sure that I won’t contact him. But then I start stalking his Friendster, just staring at his picture, monitoring his status and check his newly added “girl” friends. Then i mentally run a list through my mind why he isn’t good for me and why I should stay away. And lastly, wishing really hard never to hear from him again while hoping that he would…soon.


April 16, 2007

Moonpools and Caterpillars

For lack of anything better to write I’m gonna continue featuring bands or music that I love. I’m a 90’s hanger on so mostly 90’s alternative music and other obscure acts or new bands that catches my fancy. But this time I’ll share the mp3s just to continue spreading the love and cheers that have come my way. I’ll try to make this a weekly thing … that is if I won’t get lazy O:-)

I would like to reintroduce (coz you’ve more than likely heard of them from somewhere and it’s really a shame if you haven’t) everyone to Moonpools and Caterpillars. This band made it big during mi-90s. A friend just asked me for an MP3 of Soon that’s why I thought of this band. Moonpools is a Filipino American band based in Glendale, California. The band is composed of Kimi Ward Encarnacion ( vocals), Jay Jay Encarnacion(guitars), Tim De Pala(bassist) and Gugut Salgado(drummer) They have released a couple of albums commercially but I love Lucky Dumpling(1995,Elektra) the most. Lucky Dumpling is an album that can assure one of an eargasmic experience. Listening to their songs makes me a bit giddy and melancholic at times. They are that versatile. Their songs are perfect for long drives during these hot summer days or for lounging during rainy nights. I myself prefer it as an upper during mornings or sometimes when I feel like tripping down HS memory lane .My personal favorites from this album are Soon, Ren and Hear.


April 14, 2007

i was never meant to climb nor rhyme

All my bags are packed
Rarin’ to blaze the track
Though courage I still lack
I rely purely on luck
Then 3:00 the clock struck
Without much knock
RED attacked
Thus I have to back out (silent out)
Now I’m lying on the sack
Thinking of the friendship I f*cked
My mind’s out of whack
I really need to see a quack


April 13, 2007

Fun Climb

I never felt the need to challenge myself physically. I am not a physially active person.I was born lousy and lazy. Yes, I love traveling and going on adventures. I even wrote down climbing Mt. Apo on my wish list and almost got to do it around the same time last year but it never materialized due to circumstances beyond my control. But deep inside I know that I’ll never do it. I’ve long accepted the fact that it will never be a reality, no climbs in this lifetime. I just don’t have the gumption to do it, I am a wimp. I just love wishing. I’m only good in paper. I am a dreamer not a realist. I firmly believe that humans are made to be perpendicularly aligned to the earth’s surface except when sleeping or when dead. I don’t feel the desire to defy gravity thus I fall in love easily hahhaa whatta a line! Anyways, looking back the most physically exhausting thing I ever did was the wheelbarrow position when I had the PMT Officer training in HS where we jogged, dropped like a log and did push ups, squats, jumping jack and etc. But that time I was still young and the desire to boss around the bullies on my class was so overwhelming so i went through with it. I didn’t even attend the Girl’s Scout camping in elementary even if I was the Patrol Leader because they wouldn’t let me bring my mom along :) I went to the gym once to accompany a friend. I have walked several kilometers on solid ground. There was also a time when we had an exposure trip during college where we need to climb a small mountain. Basically that’s it. However for friendship’s sake (because she begged me and i can't say no) I’ll be going on a fun climb/hike/whatever with a friend and 8 other strangers to Tamayong/Mt. Talomo tomorrow. I actually have no clear idea where we will go. I put my trust on my friend that she will carry me when I can no longer walk. I just pray to God that it would indeed be "fun" and that there will be no hanging or makeshift bridges or snakes or tikbalangs or enkantos or…hahay Good luck na lang sa akin! :-/


April 11, 2007


i could've made small talk and told you that i know the song your playing
Try,Try,Try by Smashing Pumpkins right?
i could've told you i love SP too and that i could name all the members of the band and that i even memorize some of their songs
i sense that you're nervous, i was too...scared even, i could've told you that
i could've told you i have a brain and that i could differentiate, even integrate
i could've made you see i've got soul too not just flesh
i could've cared
i could've have done, said a lot of things but didn't
what for?
i won't even probably see you again... ever
it's just for one night anyway
my last one night


April 10, 2007

The Beach

This holy week I had plenty of reflections. The reflection of the moonlight on the dark waters at night. The reflection of the boat gliding past the clear waters at day. The reflection of our faces on the beer bottles. Hehehe

We didn’t head off to Siargao as planned because they said our vehicle wouldn’t make it (Frontier 4X2). Instead we went to my officemate’s beach property at Bgy. Lawigan, Bisilig, Surigao Del Sur last Holy Thursday. It was a 4 hour drive from Davao and when we got there we have to cross what seemed like the Pacific Ocean for 30 minutes with only a local fisherman’s boat. It was scary especially coz we traveled at night and i thought that the small boat will capsize any moment during the ride with the heavy load. But the magnificent view shook my fears away. We passed through mangroves with the moon beam guiding our way. There were also the occasional fireflies (probably mating) lighting up the dark like random Christmas lights. But what made the ride really memorable was when a shooting star streaked past. It was my first time to actually see one. It was so totally unexpected that I wish for the thing that’s on my mind at that moment (you wouldn’t want to know). So now I learned that I should keep a wish handy, just in case. Anyways, when I know what to expect when we got to the place, I should’ve wished for electricity, water, comfort room or even just a hole in the ground…coz there was none. The place was rustic in every sense of the word. There was a rundown house with ahm no furniture. So we slept at a tent outside and started a bonfire. Despite the lack of amenities we sure had fun, we spent the days bathing, hiking, exploring the caves, fishing for food, eating all types of crabs, seashells and even sea urchins(wasn’t even aware that it’s edible), boating, playing cards, sleeping and the nights sitting round the bon fire, sharing ghost stories and drinking silly. We only stayed there for only 3 days but we got to do many things, it seems that time crawled really slow down there. It was a totally unforgettable experience.I realized that our survival instinct is innate in all of us and we can do without those amenities and that Gold Eagle beer taste like and has the same effect as water :)


April 4, 2007

Pure Shores

I'm moving - I'm coming
Can you hear - What I hear
It's calling you my dear - Out of reach
(Take me to the beach)
I can hear it calling you
I'm coming - Not drowning
Swimming closer to you "
-Pure Shores by All Saints(Download here)

This is my summer song for 2007? What's yours? If plans will push through my officemates and I will be off to Surigao then Siargao tomorrow. If not i'll just probably be stuck at home and have a Prison Break Marathon. I'll surf channels instead of waves, but either ways it's fine with me, the beach and our couch now seems to have equal appeal B-)


April 2, 2007

My 23 say on the movie The Number 23

1.Walter Sparrow is a slow reader; it took him 5 days to read a slim book.
2.There is an apparent shortage of paper supply on the movie, thus the need to write on walls and on skin.
3.But there is ample supply of pens or permanent markers.
4.I love the line “I only ask the only thing I know that’s right, “Do you have more coffee?” Panalo!
5.Also, “of course I didn’t get it right then and there”
6.The movie is suspenseful and it keeps you literally hanging on your seat.
7.Jim Carey’s is a really versatile actor but he can’t wipe off that Ace Ventura, Dumb and dumber look on his face…oh wait coz that’ s how he actually looks.
8.It’s been 23 hours since I watched the movie.
9.I am 23 years old.
10.I make things up as I go along :)
11.“There is no such thing as destiny, only different choices”-True
12.“Sometimes there are no happy endings. Only the right one”- True but it would’ve been cooler if he didn’t turn himself in and blamed everything on his Doctor.
13.I didn’t immediately get what Topsy Kretts means, Top Secret pala.
14.It’s a good thing I’m calculator dependent or I would’ve been calculating all the 23s in my life right now….1+1 = dog?
15.It’s 23:00 somewhere in the globe right now.
16.The movie made 23 million US Dollars (Pls. keep item no 10 in mind)
17.My first guess was Walter have Multiple Personality Disorder, turned out he had amnesia.
18.The movie stayed for 23 weeks on the Box office charts (Again pls. keep item no.10 in mind)
19.There is actually an existing belief on the number 23, it’s called the 23 enigma.

20.There would probably be 2 persons who’ll read this post and 30 million others who wouldn’t, canceling all the zeroes, we have OMG!…say it together with me…”TWENTY f*cking THREE”
21.The dog Ned is sooo cute, he deserves to have a movie.
22.The word Fingerling sounds naughty hahaha
23.I am passing the 23 paranoia to you, better watch the movie or else, you wouldn’t have a clue about the entire post that you just read! >:)