April 4, 2007

Pure Shores

I'm moving - I'm coming
Can you hear - What I hear
It's calling you my dear - Out of reach
(Take me to the beach)
I can hear it calling you
I'm coming - Not drowning
Swimming closer to you "
-Pure Shores by All Saints(Download here)

This is my summer song for 2007? What's yours? If plans will push through my officemates and I will be off to Surigao then Siargao tomorrow. If not i'll just probably be stuck at home and have a Prison Break Marathon. I'll surf channels instead of waves, but either ways it's fine with me, the beach and our couch now seems to have equal appeal B-)

9 retrospection:

tina said...

mhmm my summer song would be by NIkki Cleary.. Summertime Guys!

Enjoy the summer!

kendi said...

out of reach... take me to the beach...

hehehe... happy summer! :)

psyche said...

love fool gihapon akong song karong summer..hehehehe

kana jud gang laag samtang pwede pa. ka lami sa siargao oi. surfing? =)

Ria Jose said...

I love Pure Shores!!!

fence said...
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fence said...

Hey! Got something off your blog. :) BTW, where's the tagboard at?

Happy easter anyway.

jae said...

"Ever After" by Bonnie Bailey (?). Makes me wanna dance in the sun. Hehe.

I bet you had loads of fun at Surigao. I'm so darn envious.

Louis said...

Prison Break? Ok ba to? Worth watching? Hehe. Happy summer!

Raine said...

@tina:cool summer song! ;)
@kendi:likewise :)
@pscyhe:kay ngano lovefool?explain daw gang
@ria:that makes two of us
@fence:dili na uso ang tagboard diri hehehe
@jae:sabay lagi ta sunod, ever after was my song last summer
@loius:yep!cool show, my next post will be about it :)