April 2, 2007

My 23 say on the movie The Number 23

1.Walter Sparrow is a slow reader; it took him 5 days to read a slim book.
2.There is an apparent shortage of paper supply on the movie, thus the need to write on walls and on skin.
3.But there is ample supply of pens or permanent markers.
4.I love the line “I only ask the only thing I know that’s right, “Do you have more coffee?” Panalo!
5.Also, “of course I didn’t get it right then and there”
6.The movie is suspenseful and it keeps you literally hanging on your seat.
7.Jim Carey’s is a really versatile actor but he can’t wipe off that Ace Ventura, Dumb and dumber look on his face…oh wait coz that’ s how he actually looks.
8.It’s been 23 hours since I watched the movie.
9.I am 23 years old.
10.I make things up as I go along :)
11.“There is no such thing as destiny, only different choices”-True
12.“Sometimes there are no happy endings. Only the right one”- True but it would’ve been cooler if he didn’t turn himself in and blamed everything on his Doctor.
13.I didn’t immediately get what Topsy Kretts means, Top Secret pala.
14.It’s a good thing I’m calculator dependent or I would’ve been calculating all the 23s in my life right now….1+1 = dog?
15.It’s 23:00 somewhere in the globe right now.
16.The movie made 23 million US Dollars (Pls. keep item no 10 in mind)
17.My first guess was Walter have Multiple Personality Disorder, turned out he had amnesia.
18.The movie stayed for 23 weeks on the Box office charts (Again pls. keep item no.10 in mind)
19.There is actually an existing belief on the number 23, it’s called the 23 enigma.

20.There would probably be 2 persons who’ll read this post and 30 million others who wouldn’t, canceling all the zeroes, we have OMG!…say it together with me…”TWENTY f*cking THREE”
21.The dog Ned is sooo cute, he deserves to have a movie.
22.The word Fingerling sounds naughty hahaha
23.I am passing the 23 paranoia to you, better watch the movie or else, you wouldn’t have a clue about the entire post that you just read! >:)

5 retrospection:

rj said...

re: item #7.. do not forget Stanley Ipkiss., The Mask.. hehe i have the same ordeal when i watching EternalSunshine., was seeing JC green.. ;)

rj said...

and yes! we are 23.. haha

Raine said...

@rj:hehehe 23 forever! maybe next time we should avoid looking at his face so we wouldn't get distracted :-)

carey said...

yikes... guess i have to watch this movie... i am clueless, lol

Raine said...

@carey:hahaha seriously,i recommend the movie, it's has an engaging and interesting plot