March 30, 2010

Goodbye 4k and Cebu Pacific Promo

I googled up the words "Cebu Pacific Sucks" and guess what? There were 13,500 results. I guess if you have complaints against the airlines then you better take a number. I have a flight tomorrow bound for Manila, I was supposed to spend the Holyweek at Baguio but due to some financial constraints, I had to cancel the trip. I bought the ticket last January during promo, the fare was 50%, so I paid only P2,000 round trip (times 2 because Blow was supposed to come soP4000 all in all). Anyways I called up the Cebu Pacific Davao booking office yesterday but they referred me to Manila or Cebu since my ticket was bought online. I only had the chance to call up this morning. So I called up and inquired if I can rebook the flight, the operator said yes but there will be some fee. She asked, when is the flight date, I replied tomorrow. Then she told me that she can no longer accommodate my request because re-booking should be done "more than 24 hours prior to the flight date". I told her that the flight is tomorrow afternoon, technically it is "more than 24 hours". But she insisted that it is no longer qualified. I told her it , I still have 25 hours but she still said no. She asked for my name, I replied thanks and ended the call.I could just see no point in continuing our conversation. I use to be a big fan of their promo fare but not anymore because of what happened and because of similar complaints from friends. Sayang ang P4,000 but it's not worth the heart attack and the highblood pressure.


March 29, 2010

Creative Writing Workshop

In my pursuit to become a better blogger and writer, I attended the Creative Writing Workshop for Bloggers and Non-Bloggers last Saturday ,March 27, 2010, 8 am – 5 pm, at the Training Rooms of the PLDT Davao Branch. The workshop was organized by the DavaoBloggers group headed by the superwoman Ria Jose. The speaker was Mr. Rene Lizada, a writer,SunStar Davao columnist, Toast Master, and educator. I learned a lot and I had fun participating in the activities and mingling with the fellow participants. The fee was only P300 and it already included lunch and snacks.
The workshop have greatly inspired me and re-awakened my passion for writing be it in the form of blogs and etc.
My congratulations to the organizers for the successful activity!