March 29, 2010

Creative Writing Workshop

In my pursuit to become a better blogger and writer, I attended the Creative Writing Workshop for Bloggers and Non-Bloggers last Saturday ,March 27, 2010, 8 am – 5 pm, at the Training Rooms of the PLDT Davao Branch. The workshop was organized by the DavaoBloggers group headed by the superwoman Ria Jose. The speaker was Mr. Rene Lizada, a writer,SunStar Davao columnist, Toast Master, and educator. I learned a lot and I had fun participating in the activities and mingling with the fellow participants. The fee was only P300 and it already included lunch and snacks.
The workshop have greatly inspired me and re-awakened my passion for writing be it in the form of blogs and etc.
My congratulations to the organizers for the successful activity!

1 retrospection:

Ria Jose said...

Thank you for joining! :)

Part 2... really soon!