July 13, 2009

Old Flame

I just got back with an old flame. I hope Blow wouldn't mind. But knowing him, i'm sure he would mind because i'll be no longer giving him my undivided attention. I even forgot that today is our 25th monthsary.Forgive me I'm only human...just one look, a touch here and there, a little caress down the spine and a sniff...the emotions came rushing back to me. How i miss books and reading! Not that it's been a longtime since i've read a book...it has only been a week hehehe The last book I read(actually re-read) was Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman. But I haven't been passionate about reading for quite some time.Before, a day never goes by without reading a book and when i'm not reading i'm thinking of books i want to read or possess. Anyways now after reading the book lent by Dom, The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde (Review to follow), I fell in love all over again with reading. I got so posessed that I became bid-happy on ebay, I placed a bid on 4 books and now my only problem is how to pay for them :hD As Alanis would sing, "I'm broke but I'm happy ..."