July 22, 2007

Long Live Harry Potter

Warning: Spoilers ahead
I just finished reading the 7th and last book of the Harry Potter Series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I have been highly anticipating this book,waited for two years for it's release. I was quite worried that I will run out of copy because I forgot to reserve one. The book was dued for release yesterday and I had classes so I asked my dad to grab me a copy.I explicitly asked him to be there at the opening of the nearest National Bookstore from our home at 10:00am and at 10:05am he sent me an sms that he had secured a copy :) I can't wait to go home but I still have classes til' 8:00 pm and then I had dinner with friends so I was not able to go home till 11:45pm last night. The moment I entered my room, I started reading but then after 30 minutes exhaustion took over and I drifted off to sleep. I woke up at 8:00 am this morning and started reading, only stopping for meals and a nap and almost relcutantly for a bath ;) My eyes were watering and I think my vision is now pemanently impaired but finally I was able to finish the book. Now I can start reading it...leisurely this time so I can absorb all the details and digest the words properly ;) The book is FANTASTIC! JK Rowling is a GENIUS! It is my favorite book on the series.
For me it was almost a given that Harry would have to kill Voldemort in the end. Good has to win over evil right? After all it is still a children's book. But what most readers are still speculating was whether Harry would die in the process? There was a time while reading the book that I almost wanted to stop because Harry was about to die...but thankfully, he didn't. But one wouldn't know about it till the end. Rowling made such a delightful twist in the story. The final battle scene between Harry and Voldemort was FABULOUS(any other words for fantastic?i'm running out of adjectives here ). There were a lot of unforgettable scenes in the book but what really cracked me up was when Mrs. Weasly exclaimed"Not my daughter, you bitch" to Bellatrix and then finished her off :D Rowling was also able to justify Dumbledore's death whom I was hoping was still alive.Tis sad that Moody,Fred,Lupin, Tonks,Dobby the house-elf and other characters died but oh well they were in the middle of the battle and there has to be casualties. I wished Fred didn't die though, he and George are my fave characters along with Peeves.
But what really saddens me is that,now that the Harry Potter series is over . . .what book will I obsess about now? :-/


July 13, 2007


Like I posted a long2x time ago, I’ll be sharing some mp3s of music that I love. But laziness got the better of me thus I was not able to do it. Anyways, I stumbled upon this version of Rihanna’s ella…ella by Scott Simon (the music you’re hearing right now from my blog) and thought of sharing some music covers.
Lately I’m into music covers. Don’t get me wrong I love original music but good covers give an old song or even a new song a different twist. Covers offer us listeners a new sound to familiar songs. It allows music artists to give their own rendition of previously recorded song. Mostly songs by artist they look up to. Some popular bands also do covers of lesser known bands to help them out or pay them recognition.
There are albums by different bands covering up music from legends such as tributes to Depeche Mode, Beatles and Carpenters to name a few. However most covers aren’t included in the artist albums and only performed in concerts or shows so they’re quite hard to find but I found some ;) Here are some of my favorite cover songs that you can download here:

To Love Somebody(Bee Gees)-Billy Corgan
Can’t get you out of my head(Kylie Minogue)-Coldplay
Heart Shaped Box(Nirvana)-Evanescence
So Sick(Ne-yo)-Fall Out Boy
Numb(Linkin Park)-Jamelia
Turning Japanese(The Vapors)-Incubus
Maneater(Hall and Oates)-PATD
Sunday Bloody Sunday(U2)-Pearl Jam
Pieces of me(Ashlee Simpson)- Dunno who covered it but it’s good…way better than Ashlee
Pure Imagination(Gene Wilder)-Maroon 5
Bittersweet Symphony(The Verve)- Richard Ashcroft & Coldplay
Snow Patrol(Beyonce)-Snow Patrol
Since You’ve Been gone(Kelly Clarkson)-Ted Leo
The Scientist(Coldplay)-Natasha Bedingfield

Sometimes I like the cover versib more than the original just like the Umbrella song and also Bowling for Soup cover of Fergie’s London Bridge (I’ve only seen the vid…anyone who has an mp3 of it?)…the original versions are too upbeat. I’m actually not sure if I love the covers because they make some sort of mockery to the original version. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me J but if you listen to some punk bands cover then you’ll know what I mean. I’ll share some songs from the Punk goes Pop album, which covers songs from boy bands like N’Sync and Backstreet boys and girl groups. The versions are cool and guaranteed to make you smile…trust me. You can download it here. Various Punk bands actually have other albums such as Punk Goes 90’s, 80’s, acoustic..i’ll share them next time.


July 10, 2007

Remembering the future

I’ve read somewhere that time, the past, present and future coexist. That parallel worlds exist in different dimensions. That sometimes our subconscious can sense the future that’s why we have déjà vu moments. And that space separates these times that it’s more apt to call it Space travel rather than Time travel. I guess Quantum Physics can explain this in further detail. Nope I didn’t get these info from a Quantum Physics book…I actually got it from reading fiction books whose title I already forgot but they have done research on these stuff. . . I guess. So, what I’m actually saying is that the things I’ve said are pure nonsense. >:)
I have experienced many déjà vu moments. Like going to a place for the first time but actually having that vague recollection that I’ve been there before. Or saying something or experiencing something and getting that feeling that it already happened before. I attribute this familiarity to having these experiences in my dreams. Most of my dreams I recall after it happened in real life. I also have dreams that I recall after waking up and then having them come true. Not the I-want-to-be-an-astronaut-when-I-grow-up kind of dreams. But sometimes when I wake up I have a slight recollection of the dream and it actually happens although not in the exact way I dreamed it. Mostly I would dream of random persons and the following day they will make some sort of contact. Example just last night I dreamed that I received an SMS …particularly a picture message from one of our supervisors Sir Nestor. He had never sent me any SMS before and I haven’t been in contact with him for quite sometime. Then when I woke up I received an SMS from my officemate asking me if Sir Nestor made a contact with me about his camera…because it was missing. Okay that was a bit vague right? And takes a lot of imagination to connect but please don’t rob away my belief that I have psychic abilities nyahaha I’m only half serious about my so called ability but I just find it weird how dreams find their way to reality. I really believe in the power of dreams and that it is a way for our subconscious to communicate with our conscious self. Or seeing the future through our subconscious level and then remembering the future. I make it a point to pay attention to my dreams and jot down things that I can recall about it and use it as a guide.Ok so I’m just half serious about being half serious on my psychic abilities. I’m actually serious about it. Here are more examples that I can recall.

I dreamed about a friend’s mother and then a week later I saw my friend and told her that I dreamed about her mother. She told me that her mother just got rushed to the hospital a few days before our meeting because of stroke.

I dreamed about my ex and that him wanting me back. It was 3 months after our breakup and we haven’t had contact since. Immediately the following day we met at a mall while I was having lunch and we talked. He never asked me back though #:-S

I have this recurring dream about a city being covered with water. A month later Leyte had another flashflood.

This is actually the first time that I’ve told anyone about it because I see it as pure coincidences and I’m afraid of being ridiculed. At least here I can delete derogatory comments hehehe Maybe this is a product of my obsession on Heroes..trying to make something extraordinary from the ordinary….oh well…


July 1, 2007

First Day High

I had my first day of class in MBA last Friday. I mean last last Friday coz I was already absent last Friday. I was expecting something different but to my dismay I found things to be almost the same as college. It feels like dating a guy you swore you would never see again and hoping he’d change but finding out he didn’t ..forgive the analogy, I’m currently watching Grey’s Anatomy. Anyways, to elaborate further…

1.You still introduce yourself to the whole class; I was almost expecting to be told to wear name tags.

2.The classrooms have improved a lot. The desks are almost spotless but an occasional vandalism here and there still makes an appearance. I didn’t find my fave vandal though…that drawing of button with the words “push button to eject teacher”

3.There is still that student who hangs on to every word the teacher says. He seems to make it a mission in life to finish whatever statement the teacher leaves hanging. I hate that student.

4.There is still that smart kid who has the answer to every question. I hate that kid.

5.The teachers are still made from hell. Giving assignments on the first day of class, WTF, talk fast and speak in tongues…epistemological triangulation? Gimme a break. I still hate teachers.

6.I still have panic attacks at the thought speaking to the whole class or be called for recitation.

7.My attention span has further decreased. My mind wanders off every few seconds.

8.Time still seems to stand still during classes…3 hours seems like forever.

9.The books, modules and reading materials still possess this strange magical ability to induce sleep.

1o.There is still that cute guy that makes you look forward to each class ;)

I know…I know I should quit complaining. Whoever said that going back to school is a piece of cake? I was maybe a tad disappointed for how things went out but I promised myself to relish the experience and learn and enjoy hating it :)