September 29, 2008

The Butterfly Effect

"You don't screw with time.It's called the butterfly effect, you step on a butterfly today, 3 years from now a million people are wiped out"-Angela Petrelli, Episode 2, Season 3

I never realized how obsessed I am with Heroes until last Saturday. During my class in Production Organization and Management my professor was discussing about the Earth's immune system, nature and etc. I raised my hand and asked , "Ma'am, is it true that when you step on a butterfly today, 3 years from now a million people are wiped out? I heard it's called the butterfly effect." She replied, "I don't think so since we step on many insects almost everyday, it's just normal". I paused for a few moments to reflect on her reply, I was thinking of a retort when I realized that Angela Petrelli was referring to Time Travel! Good thing my professor doesn't watch Heroes LOLs


September 25, 2008

Season 3

I want to take this opportunity to inform everyone that, Heroes and Dexter Season 3 has now began and that despite my busy schedule and my nth quarter life crisis…I 'm never too busy to download. Go torrent! Go Rapidshare! Weeeee !!! ;)


September 23, 2008


My cousin Boyet left me an offline message yesterday. He said "Cuz, I saw your poems in Davao Sunstar last Sunday.Congratz" I immediately asked Blow to find me a copy. Good thing his office subscribes to Sunstar so we were able to see it with our own eyes. It feels weird to see it in print(Ode to a boxer and Musings on a bus ride). When I wrote it the only publishing I had in mind was through this blog. I had illusions before in submitting to Youngblood but I can never seem to string enough words and can never seem to find a good topic. Anyways, I owe it all to Dom for submitting it to Dagmay (the Literary Journal of the Davao Writers Guild which appears every Sunday in the Weekend Sun Star Davao) and for believing that my words are fit enough for public consumption. He didn't even omitted the F-Word hehehe Salamat kaayo Dom!


September 12, 2008

Hello Acer!

A month ago my office unit, an HP laptop was judged to be beyond repair. The monitor was very dim and the techies said that it would cost P32,000 to replace the LCD. They said it was probably because I dropped it which I did…a couple of times actually. They wouldn’t issue me another laptop unit so I decided to buy my own. Good thing there are installment plans or else I couldn’t have afforded it. There are no fast cash payday loans available here...too bad. I bought an Acer Aspire 2920z! I love it because it’s only 12 inches and much lighter than the 14 inches HP.The only drawback was that the OS installed was Vista. Vista is flashy and all but it's slow.I wanted to install XP but I’m still giving Vista a try. Anyways the games I installed were compatible so I’m happy.Happy monthsary to my Acer!


Shooting Lessons

A couple of weeks ago Blow and I watched his cousin on a shooting tournament at Laud in Diversion Road. It was fun to watch but I get startled every time a shot was fired and you could just imagine how jumpy I was with all the guns shooting at once. Blow wanted to learn how to shoot and his cousin offered to give us shooting lessons. So the following Sunday we went back there. I just tagged along but haven’t really made up my mind if I’ll join in the lesson or not. I was planning to just watch but it looked fun and so I tried. The first thing that came to mind when I held the gun which was a 45 caliber was how heavy the gun was. I was really nervous and my hand was sweating profusely. When I fired my first shot I was taken aback by the impact of the recoil and despite the ear plugs I can still hear the gunshot which means it is very loud. My first shots were off target but the next few rounds I was improving. My hits were now on the Alpha zone...yay!
If only I could have a cash advance I would love to buy my own gun…perhaps a 9mm because they say it’s much lighter. Oh well I’m really looking forward to our next lessons :)
Vids here.