September 12, 2008

Shooting Lessons

A couple of weeks ago Blow and I watched his cousin on a shooting tournament at Laud in Diversion Road. It was fun to watch but I get startled every time a shot was fired and you could just imagine how jumpy I was with all the guns shooting at once. Blow wanted to learn how to shoot and his cousin offered to give us shooting lessons. So the following Sunday we went back there. I just tagged along but haven’t really made up my mind if I’ll join in the lesson or not. I was planning to just watch but it looked fun and so I tried. The first thing that came to mind when I held the gun which was a 45 caliber was how heavy the gun was. I was really nervous and my hand was sweating profusely. When I fired my first shot I was taken aback by the impact of the recoil and despite the ear plugs I can still hear the gunshot which means it is very loud. My first shots were off target but the next few rounds I was improving. My hits were now on the Alpha zone...yay!
If only I could have a cash advance I would love to buy my own gun…perhaps a 9mm because they say it’s much lighter. Oh well I’m really looking forward to our next lessons :)
Vids here.

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