September 16, 2009


I watched my first Davao made indie move last Saturday at the Crocodile Park (near the Gallery of Davao).So how did I find the movie? What movie? hehehe Seriously, it was visually entertaining and the music which accompanied the scenes were pretty captivating but I didn't totally get what the movie was all about. I did not understand the message that the movie was trying to convey. Maybe because it was not told in the usual "linear" way and the movie was experimental and unconventional in its approach. I was a bit surprised to know that the movie won a lot of awards not only in the Philippines but in Korea also among others. I found this review of the film which achieved to put into words the things that i wanted to say. Despite not understanding the film, I still salute the people behind it including the viewing I attended and it shows that there's a lot of home grown talent in Davao and we have a lot to expect from the film industry and should be open to "new" things.


September 11, 2009

Simple Pleasures # 2

Yesterday I was on a meeting during the most part of the day and when I got back at my desk I found this personalized slipper shaped keychain with my name on it(pix to follow). It came with a note that said "For you..ala lang". It was from Shanelle,my officemate and I was deeply touched by the gesture and it completely took me by surprise. I love receiving gifts of all kinds. I'll be happy just to receive a paper clip. What I love the most about receiving gifts is the thoughtful act behind it. When it's given without any reason except for the pleasure of making somebody happy...of just wanting to paint a smile on somebody's face.


September 4, 2009

Holding Sand

Relationships of all kinds are like holding sand in your handHold it loosely
with an open hand, the sand remains where it isThe tighter you grasp it, the
faster it trickles through your fingers

I know this quote by heart and lots of others about love and relationships. But only now do I understand the full meaning of the quote. Blow and I have been together for 2 years and 3 months. He is my first serious relationship. I believe we’re good and happy together. It's not a perfect relationship but we're both striving to make it work.We come from different backgrounds but we have the same values and enjoy the same things. I have nothing to complain about him. He’s a saint and that’s no overstatement because only a saint or somebody insane (ahem) could put with me and my moods. We never broke up though I’ve told him countless times before that “we’re over” after a few petty quarrels. I usually start our fights because of my insecurities, past issues, expectations and jealousy then he gets mad because he thinks I don’t trust him. Our fights don’t last for more than a day, we usually settle it before the day ends when we’ve both calmed down. Lately the fights have been frequent and he’s getting fed up with me…his patience is almost running out that’s why I need to change fast. I was thinking things over and the "sand" quote came to mind. I realized that after meeting Blow, I got too carried away with being “us “that I forgot about “me”. I made him the center of my universe and got used to always having him around and doing things together. My friends became his friends. I became clingy and dependent. I made him the source of my happiness and I can’t understand why he can stand on his own and be happy without me. Now I realized that I need to find myself again and recall how to be happy by myself and not depend on other people for it. I need to realize that there’s more to life than having a relationship. Now I’m learning to loosen my grip slowly on the sand before it’ll trickle down.