July 29, 2008

Dream Quote

My dreams have become weirder and weirder. I would dream of movies, TV shows, commercials. These are all original and mere products of the imagination of my subconscious. Last night I even dreamed of a quote, The solidity of women lies in their generosity. The dream was so vivid that when I woke up the words were clearly marked in my mind. In my dream I was in a classroom and I have to read a quote from a book in front of the class. I was so nervous that when it was my turn, I forgot the page that I was supposed to read so to avoid embarrassment, I made a quote on the spot. It was really weird because the quote doesn’t make any sense, neither does my dream. Well anyway, I hope next time I would dream of a poem or a novel. Or it would be much better if I would dream of lottery numbers or even of winning in a casino and then waking up with a bucket of cash.


July 23, 2008


The first thing I did when I got to the office was go to the bathroom and ahmm do my business. When I was about to throw my tissue in the trashcan, I noticed a crumpled letter. I can read out the words "kaya", "seryoso" and "i love you" and concluded that it was a love letter. Thousand possible scenarios raced through my brain on the story behind the trashed love letter. I was really tempted to pick it up so I can read the whole thing but propriety and hygiene or lack of it stopped me. Thus leaving me to wonder not only what happened to the owner of the letter but also what happened to the love letters I wrote and gave my ex loves. Did it also end up in trash just like how our relationship ended? Was it treasured and reread every now and then to reminisce the past? I made it a habit to keep letters for posterity's sake so i'll have something to show my grandchildren.


July 16, 2008


The worst way to miss someone
is to see them everyday
yet knowing that you
can no longer
do the things you used to do
go to places you used to go
be what you used to be