November 30, 2007

Hello classmate

I forced myself to make a post ASAP because a classmate, darn I forgot to ask for his name well let’s call him Mr.Globalwiring(because that's the name of his blog) might be reading this. I’m not posting to impress him but I was challenged because he asked me if I regularly update my blog….of course I told him "YES!" so hence this post. I’m getting ahead of my story. This all started when I heard Mr.Globalwiring asking a classmate if she has a blog. My antennae immediately caught the words “blog” and I tapped him on his back (because he wasn’t talking to me) and volunteered information "I have a blog…why?” and then we talked about blogging. I’m actually not adamant about people knowing that I have a blog but I do want to meet fellow bloggers in flesh. I just want to see what sort of creature lies beneath the words. But I prefer if I know them through blogging at first and meet them in flesh later but sometimes we can’t choose how things go.
I actually feel more exposed right now knowing that some of my classmates might be reading this because I’m not friends with them yet and it means that I can’t talk about them or about my teachers ;)
Guys, whatever you read here..remains here….pakopya assignment hehehe


November 24, 2007

Hippie Store

To have my own business has always been my dream...oh well apart from being a rockstar and being a famous author. I want to quit being a corporate slave and be my own boss. I keep on talking about it and i guess it's about time to actually do something about it. "If not now...when?" is my new mantra. I didn't quit my job yet but I'm trying to start a teeny weeny business of retailing. I'm selling bags, accessories, flipflops and whatever comes to mind(bugas, bulad hehehe) .Someday I want to have my own boutique and name it Hippie...ahmm the name is my boiff's suggestion. He actually shares my dream of having our own business.
Anyways, if you've got nothing better to might as well check our online store, spread the word, share a seat and win a friend LOLs


November 17, 2007

Grades! Grades! Grades!

Today is the first day of our MBA classes for the second semester. Since I’ve enrolled it means that I survived the 1st sem and still up for the challenge :) I also got our grades and I think I did ok, “just ok”. I am not really grade conscious because I got trained in college to be satisfied with a passing mark of 75%. Some of our teachers would actually give a grade of 60% so we learned to be appreciative of our barely passing grades but I am actually disappointed now with my grade in on of our subjects. I got 2.1(equivalent to 84%). We had no exams, assignments or written works just reporting, class participation and attendance. I think I only had 3 absences and did well with the reporting but I admit that I lack in class participation. We usually discuss about economics (as the name of the subject suggests) politics, current events and etc. I usually have nothing nice to say about these things so I chose to shut up. There were a few times though that I actually spoke during class but I’m not pretty sure that my teacher agreed with me. He told us that young people nowadays are selfish, apathetic and caught up with their lives and doesn’t care about our country.
I told him that “sir, there’s actually a good side to being selfish and apathetic. I am one of those people sir, I am tired of our country’s political system and I think it’s pretty pointless. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t care for our country. I try to be good with my job and be a productive citizen so at least I wouldn’t end up as another unemployment statistic. I try to be financially stable so that maybe in the future I can start my own business and give jobs to others”
I forgot what he replied but anyways I end up getting a low grade, a classmate upon learning of my grades actually said ‘but you were good in class’ I don’t know maybe she just said that to make me feel better.
Annyways,this is what I hate in school. The line “You reap what you sow” doesn’t apply here. There are outside factors that control the outcome of your studies. You could study really hard but still get a low grade because of unfair teachers! Damn you MOFUs!!! Ok I’m feeling slightly better and I should really be grateful for my grades on my other subject:
Ignatian Leadership-1.1
Business Research 1.2
Business Statistics-1.4

Hehehe kailangan i-post jud…as if! ;-)


November 15, 2007

One More Chance

I watched "One More Chance",the new movie release of Star Cinema yesterday which stars Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz. In fairness I was entertained by the film but not in the way expected. I find the lines amusing, I was so amused that I would like to see the movie nominated for Best Comedy Flick for 2007.

Bea talking to John Lloyd:

Bea: I need space
John Lloyd moves a seat apart and points to the space
John Lloyd: Space? ayan oh space

John Lloyd Breaking up with Maja:

John Lloyd: Ayaw kitang makitang nasasaktan
Maja gets up from chair and closes John Lloyd's eyes
Maja: para di mo ako makita masaktan

Everybody needs a few laughs...go see the movie! :-)


November 12, 2007

The Basics of Cash Flow

I am not fond of forwarded email messages because most of them are chain mails, dire warnings on just about any food or product and those with that scary face that pops out. Some are inspirational…telling you to quit fooling around and stop reading forwarded emails and get back to work but then you’ve already consumed an hour out of your productive time reading those inspirational messages J Out of all those emails that I manage to read, this one made the most sense. It made me think about my spending habits. This is from Francisco Colayco, the Robert Kiyosaki of the Phils. Haven’t heard of him or Kiyosaki? Neither have I hahaha but do read on:


There are those who e-mailed me asking about the
basics of cash flow. I'm really sorry that I assumed everybody already
understands it. Anyway, by demand ... here it goes...
May isang bata... joke lang. The basic is. What pattern do you see if you will get a P100.00 bill and monitor where and how it is transferred from 1 possessor to the other?
How does it flow? The pattern for a typical Pinoy is.
You earn from your work, you spend it on food, gadgets, clothing and other basic needs. Before you reach the next payday, paubos na yung pera mo. But that's ok payday is just a few days ahead and it doesn't matter if I run out of money, I am expecting money again any time soon.
This cycle goes on and on and you make some sidelines or create other ways to earn but it seems that money was never enough. (I am tempted to explain further pero usapan... basics lang). So you can't leave the job that you have because a week without work would affect the cash flow you have to support your family and needs. As much as you wanted to accept another job, the gap would make you pay less for a couple of days, which makes you a slave to your boss.
At least, you have a job to support your needs.
So to illustrate.. .Cash is flowing inside your pocket. Years have gone by doing your monotonous routine. Question... what if you get fired? Or you were forced to retire because there are new and younger people ready to take your place. What would you do? As an OFW, Makati Executive, Top Salesman, Engineer, Attorney, Teacher, etc... What if it all ends? The sweet cash that enters your pocket every 15 th and 30th suddenly comes to a halt.
There are two things you can buy with your money... An asset and a liability. To describe each... An asset brings money inside your pocket; a liability takes money out of your pocket. Another way to see, it is that an asset if you buy one, will bring the money you spent for it back to you 2 or 3 folds. A liability, when you buy it will not give your money back at all.
Sa ilocano... idjay ti kwa... djak maawatan... (joke lang po, seryoso na kayo
eh...) Sa madaling salita... kapag asset, maibabalik ang pera , pag liability,
goodbye sa pera... Ang problema kay JUAN DE LA CRUZ, habang may trabaho
ipon ng ipon at bili ng bili ng liability! I have seen OFWs get back to
the country with gold chains at kung pwede lang limang shades ang isuot ng
sabay-sabay gagawin nya eh... dvd, component, jackets, clothes, inuman, pulutan,
party, pabango... hindi na makalakad sa dami ng bitbit...
At s'yempre mga empleyado natin dito sa bansa na lingo-lingo bago cell phone at mags ng kotse.. hindi na nga magkasya ang damit sa aparador, tapos pag umaga sasabihin... . wala na akong maisuot.
Guys, esep-esep... what you bought... will it bring money back to you? I know what you have in mind... you have to enjoy what you worked hard for. That's right, but think of something that will last... think of your future.
I have seen the worst of people who were abogado de kampanilya,
executive secretaries of top rank business men, people who worked for big
companies, earned a fortune and got a big retirement pay by the millions...
Now.... Wala na.
Why? Because of their cash flow... went in... went out.
I need not to mention basketball players, actors, singers, etc... Check
what is their career path... next after acting, singing and playing... POLITICS.
Kasi, 'yung million na kinita nila, puro liability ang binili.
Going back...
all the liability they bought, ibinenta ng mura! I'm wearing a gold chain now,
which I got from a seaman... he bought it for P35,000 and sold it for 8,000 to
me. Hindi po asset ang alahas! Bakit? Totoo na tumataas ang value n'ya
pero kapag gutom ka na, kahit palugi ibebenta mo! (wala bang aaray?) Cell
phones... dvd players etc. pati bahay at kotse... that's the cash flow of most
The question is ... " WHAT IF THE INCOME STOPS?" Sa Pinoy,
ganito: anak... mag-aral kang maigi, at pag tanda namin... ikaw na bahala sa
amin ha.... Hindi po ba maling-mali. ..
You have to establish
something today that will take care of your future. Teka, teka... eh ano
ang dapat gawin para hindi mangyari yan? You must create a source of
income that will continually make money flow inside your pocket. Start a
business! While you are working as an executive or an OFW, or a professional. ..
START A BUSINESS and MASTER that business till you get out of that company. Para kapag tumigil ang income mo sa kanila... may susuporta pa din sa iyo hanggang
pag-tanda mo!
Now don't tell me to invest my money on pensions and plans...
NO WAY ! Narinig n'yo na siguro yung .... Naku ayaw ko na magbanggit.. .. 'yung
mga nagbayad at hindi nakapag-claim. .. sila pa ang dinimanda at nag-piyansa! !!
Imagine yourself when you reach an older age... (aruy ko,,, baka yung iba sa
inyo about that age... tabi tabi po...Ako po sa mga nagtatanong. .. I'm 37 years
old. Naabutan ko pa si Michael Jackson at hinele po ako ng nanay ko sa mga kanta
ng hagibis...). You have money that the company gave you as your retirement
pay... what will you do?
You can consume the money till your old... eh kung hindi umabot? Masamang damo ka pala... at hindi ka kaagad kinuha ni Lord.
Eh pang age 65 lang yung naipon mo na budget.
Or maybe, you can start a business and use the money for capital... Kapatid... 9 out of 10 businesses, FAILED... yung isang magsa-succeed, gagayahin pa ng kapitbahay mo instead na mag-franchise sa 'yo... think! At age 50, you are struggling trying to make a business work! What if it fails?!
Eh ano nga ba ang sagot?
The answer is, stop buying liabilities and instead buy assets now. I don't care
if it is a banana-Q store, balot, ice candy or a sari-sari store, etc... start
now! Because, your experience here will teach you what to do in the
future. It's so hard to struggle in business when you are 60 yrs old.
You have to create a source of income separated from the source of income
from your work. That when the time comes that you have to stop working, you will
have your own source of money! Create assets, start a business that will be
there to support you and your family. I AM NOT TELLING YOU TO QUIT YOUR JOB! I'm telling you to start a business while you're working and stop spending your
money on liabilities and start putting them on assets!
Ang pera kapag pinambili mo ng LIABILITY... hindi na babalik... ang ASSET... BABALIK.
Teka... masama ba bumili ng mga magagandang gamit? Hindi! Siguraduhin mo lang na ang pambili mo nun ay galing sa asset mo. The business has to be prioritized!
Mawalan ka man ng trabaho, may negosyo kang palalaguin.
If before, nabubuhay ka naman ng iisa sapatos mo, huwag mo baguhin 'yun... dati, nagdyi-jeep ka lang... 'wag ka na munang mag-FX...
Create assets and lessen liabilities.
Invest and learn now... mag-negosyo! Eh anong negosyo? Any, as long as
you think it is work and doable! I am still looking for partners for my HOME
MASSAGE SERVICE! SPA MAGIC! And my business CAR MAGIC is still franchising. .. (joke lang ... baka sabihin nyo nag pro-promote lang ako eh...But I AM PROUD TO SAY THAT ALL MY BUSINESSES ARE ORIGINAL AND ALL ARE GRAND ASSETS!
I started all my businesses with a very small capital. If I used that money to buy a
gadget, new shoes or any liability... baka wala lahat ng negosyo ko at wala na
akong makain ngayon.
Again, I hope that this BASIC CASH FLOW article
helps.... I wish all of us become financially free!


November 9, 2007

Photo Attempts

I am not competitive by nature. I don’t like joining contest or any form of competition because I hate losing. If ever I’ll be asked to join a contest at school or at work, I would act indifferent as if I don’t care to win but deep inside I really do. Anyways, Blow convinced me to join a photo contest for 6th Mindanao Information & Communications Technology Congress. It’s open to professional, amateurs and wannabe photographers. You just need to submit an original photo that’s not digitally edited that’s in line with the theme “Technology and Nature in Harmony”. And so we took random pictures(using Canon Ixus 75) and entered two photos each. To our surprise we made it to the top 20 errr…maybe this is because there are only 20 participants?
Anyways, even if we didn’t win,we did have fun taking the pictures. We got caught in the rain, crashed through a private resort and etc.
Here are the photos that we submitted(first four) and those that we didn't.