November 30, 2007

Hello classmate

I forced myself to make a post ASAP because a classmate, darn I forgot to ask for his name well let’s call him Mr.Globalwiring(because that's the name of his blog) might be reading this. I’m not posting to impress him but I was challenged because he asked me if I regularly update my blog….of course I told him "YES!" so hence this post. I’m getting ahead of my story. This all started when I heard Mr.Globalwiring asking a classmate if she has a blog. My antennae immediately caught the words “blog” and I tapped him on his back (because he wasn’t talking to me) and volunteered information "I have a blog…why?” and then we talked about blogging. I’m actually not adamant about people knowing that I have a blog but I do want to meet fellow bloggers in flesh. I just want to see what sort of creature lies beneath the words. But I prefer if I know them through blogging at first and meet them in flesh later but sometimes we can’t choose how things go.
I actually feel more exposed right now knowing that some of my classmates might be reading this because I’m not friends with them yet and it means that I can’t talk about them or about my teachers ;)
Guys, whatever you read here..remains here….pakopya assignment hehehe

3 retrospection:

Mr Globalwiring said...


psyche said...

sa dihang nag comment jud sya gang.

nalingaw lang ko sa imong post.

Raine said...

@mr.gloabalwiring: ug sa dihang naka-abot ra jud ka diri

@psyche: hehehe lagi ningbisita jud siya in fairness