November 24, 2007

Hippie Store

To have my own business has always been my dream...oh well apart from being a rockstar and being a famous author. I want to quit being a corporate slave and be my own boss. I keep on talking about it and i guess it's about time to actually do something about it. "If not now...when?" is my new mantra. I didn't quit my job yet but I'm trying to start a teeny weeny business of retailing. I'm selling bags, accessories, flipflops and whatever comes to mind(bugas, bulad hehehe) .Someday I want to have my own boutique and name it Hippie...ahmm the name is my boiff's suggestion. He actually shares my dream of having our own business.
Anyways, if you've got nothing better to might as well check our online store, spread the word, share a seat and win a friend LOLs

4 retrospection:

psyche said...

asin gang naa ka?
bitaw oi, sakto ra na. mmmmmmm..
nindot man jud ni imong naisip raine.

Leigh said...

hala oi pareha tag plano.. naa koy plan pud mag business.... hahaha pero dili mga borloloy and rice and bulad etc... mga ginamus lang ako ug uyab baligya... o diba?!

Joke! hala oi bongga na jud ka girl!

Pagminyo na!!!!

leigh said...

hahaha uyap diay dili uyab... pwede pud uyab... kinsay gusto?

Raine said...

@psyche: cge mangompra ko hehehe
@leigh:uyab jud? di ba daghan naka ana?