March 25, 2008


I used to say that I'm stuck in a bubble where the real world is muted out and all I see are distorted colors and images or that life was a stream where I am merely floating and moving along where the current leads me.
I used to live inside my head but now i am happy to realize that I am finally this this time.


March 12, 2008

Camp Sabros

I'm sure most of you by now have heard of Camp Sabros...the place in Kapatagan, Digos City,Davao del Sur with the longest zipline in the Philippines. My classmates and I went there last March 2. It was a 2 hours drive from Davao City and upon reaching Kapatagan, we hiked for about 20 minutes uphill to the site because only 4x4 vehicles can go there. There is no entrance fee and they have a mess hall there where you can eat. We only paid P150 for the zip since we zipped by 2, you pay P300 for a solo ride.The zip line is 380 meters long and the moment I saw the people ziplining, i wanted to go home and snuggle comfortably in my bed. As i mentioned and confessed several times before...I am a coward and i'm proud of being one. I can't exactly recall my reasons for being there...and what exactly happened but before i knew it i was headed home and i only have the below pictures to attest that i was actually there. Okay that's exaggerating...when it was my turn in the zipline...i saw nothing because i closed my eyes the entire time hehehe even during the return trip via the cable car. Now i'm not so sure about having the powers of flying because its so damn scary to be up there!
How to get there if one is commuting(adding this in response to Mark's Q)
Ride a bus to Digos then get off at the Terminal
Ride a jeep for Kapatagan or rent a motorcyle
Get off the Kapatagan Checkpoint
Walk to Camp Sabros(20 minutes)

The whole gang at the Entrance

We had to wait below the zip station for the rain to stop before we can zip!

The Cable Car back

We conquered this mound!
Vids here


March 7, 2008


Yesterday I got so pissed with someone that when I woke up this morning my mind was spurting quotes, here are some of them:

Sometimes inaction is the best course of action.

There are battles that you don't have to fight to win

Anyways, what happened was that i got into a verbal retort with a retard...yikes i'm even beginning to rhyme...I had this rare opportunity to have a conversation with a moron who passes himself of as a professional...someone who got no balls enough to admit that he made a mistake and denied saying the things that he said to me before. He made it sound like i'm the one who was at fault.He made me feel like I'm a complete idiot to have misunderstood what he said. I thought it was pointless to argue with him so i kept mum and besides we both know who's telling the truth. Gaba na lang jud!