March 7, 2008


Yesterday I got so pissed with someone that when I woke up this morning my mind was spurting quotes, here are some of them:

Sometimes inaction is the best course of action.

There are battles that you don't have to fight to win

Anyways, what happened was that i got into a verbal retort with a retard...yikes i'm even beginning to rhyme...I had this rare opportunity to have a conversation with a moron who passes himself of as a professional...someone who got no balls enough to admit that he made a mistake and denied saying the things that he said to me before. He made it sound like i'm the one who was at fault.He made me feel like I'm a complete idiot to have misunderstood what he said. I thought it was pointless to argue with him so i kept mum and besides we both know who's telling the truth. Gaba na lang jud!

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