August 30, 2007

Time for a change

Flo, mag-dula pa ka ug dance revo pag 30s na ta?(Flo, will you still play dance revo when you’re in your 30’s?)”My friend Cherry asked me as we just finished 3 rounds of DDR at Timezone. “ Siyempre! (Of course!)” was my instant reply.
I was feeling a bit sad when we parted ways because who knows when we will see each other again. She’ll be back to Manila this Saturday and won’t be back here in our Davao not until next year. I remember way back in college when we used to spend time together almost daily. Mmmmm I’m feeling a bit sentimental right now. Not only because of missing college days , and working overtime and listening to Dreamsounds albums..but because I sense a change coming in. The wind is changing its course. There’s a slight shift in the planetary alignment. A giant hand is scrawling something in the stars. I might quit my job soon. Our boss told us that our team would be dissolved and we will be assigned at different areas individually. We will now report to the plantations since that’s where we are needed. This means that I won’t have easy access to the internet. I might actually have to work. I might have to sacrifice my studies. I have to wake up early. I have to travel regularly. And most importantly… I would be separated from my officemates whom I’ve worked closely for the last two years. I’m gonna miss them….miss my old boss…everything….change. I hate it. I have difficulty in dealing with it. I’m just thankful that some parts of me remained the my passion for dance revo hehehe
Change is constant…inevitable..i might have to stop fighting it …for once…for a change.


August 27, 2007


I've been hearing a lot of good thinsg about this beach at Masao,Mati, Davao Oriental so my friends and I decided to check it out last weekend. We stayed at Gregorio Resort, where they have floating cottages equipped with beddings, airconditioning and Videoke machines!!! The beach in the area is not really good for swimming because there are a lot of fishes, snorkeling maybe.I also saw my very first Tarsier. They're such cute tiny creatures, they're nice to look at but I wouldn't dare touch one coz...err...they're still rodents no matter how cute they are.I thought they only thrive at Bohol but the locals said that there are a lot of Tarsiers in their area.

Then we head off to Waniban Island to do the actual swimming. The beach is picture perfect. Clear blue waters. White sands.Isolated. Unpopulated.More pictures here.


August 16, 2007

Sweet release

borne of ache
fell from my eyes
streaked down my face
and gently died
on his lips


August 15, 2007



Nope these aren’t lotto numbers. These are the number of posts I have each month since March. The figures are almost the same with the dwindling number of blogmates visiting this site. The numbers are alarmingly decreasing. Gone were the days when I post twice a day about minute details of my life or sudden bouts of epiphany. And when I blog hop like there’s no tomorrow. When I used to be a comment whore. Nope, it’s not that blogging has lost its appeal to me. It’s just that I got really busy…yes I have nothing to offer but the usual excuse. I think the karmic thingy is now working its magic. I’m now finally paying off my idle days. I’m juggling work and studies and travel and then there’s this guy who has blown me away… ;)
I’ve been putting off writing a “blog hiatus mode” because I thought I could squeeze blogging in between my busy-ness. Even up to now, I still won’t post about having a hiatus. I’m still in a state of denial.
To those blogmates(I think there are still two left who visits my site)…I’ll try to post regularly and visit your blogs…soon.
For now..i’ll be posting…sporadically.


August 9, 2007

I come with the rain

Hello world! It’s been awhile since I’ve been here. I haven’t been online much lately due to work,studies, re-reading HP 7 and chasing Hollywood stars LOLS I saw(read:stalked) Josh Hartnett at the Davao International Airport yesterday. Of course, it wasn’t mere chance. Despite, our busy schedule I manage to squeezed that one in. Josh was in Davao for a shoot at Diwalwal, Davao del Norte for his upcoming movie, I come with the rain to be shown next year. There weren’t much news about his scheduled shoot but as destiny would have it the car rental they were using was the same with the one we used in our company. And the driver has been updating us with the whereabouts of the shoot. My officemates and I actually planned to stalk him during his arrival at the airport last Thursday but we were still at South Cotabato :( so we decided to wait till his departure. Unfortunately, we were not able to get a clear shot of him because we froze and panicked when we saw him hahaha He had long hair and sported a beard…sooo ruggedly handsome! We only got a shot of his plane tickets since the driver was the one holding it hahaha very pathetic. Lucky for those who were at Diwalwal coz they were able to take closer pictures of him, even beside him. The people said that he was so down to earth and without-airs. I am now officially a fangirl!
P.S. Here's his pic which i got from the net...well just for inspiration ;)