August 9, 2007

I come with the rain

Hello world! It’s been awhile since I’ve been here. I haven’t been online much lately due to work,studies, re-reading HP 7 and chasing Hollywood stars LOLS I saw(read:stalked) Josh Hartnett at the Davao International Airport yesterday. Of course, it wasn’t mere chance. Despite, our busy schedule I manage to squeezed that one in. Josh was in Davao for a shoot at Diwalwal, Davao del Norte for his upcoming movie, I come with the rain to be shown next year. There weren’t much news about his scheduled shoot but as destiny would have it the car rental they were using was the same with the one we used in our company. And the driver has been updating us with the whereabouts of the shoot. My officemates and I actually planned to stalk him during his arrival at the airport last Thursday but we were still at South Cotabato :( so we decided to wait till his departure. Unfortunately, we were not able to get a clear shot of him because we froze and panicked when we saw him hahaha He had long hair and sported a beard…sooo ruggedly handsome! We only got a shot of his plane tickets since the driver was the one holding it hahaha very pathetic. Lucky for those who were at Diwalwal coz they were able to take closer pictures of him, even beside him. The people said that he was so down to earth and without-airs. I am now officially a fangirl!
P.S. Here's his pic which i got from the net...well just for inspiration ;)

5 retrospection:

jae said...

Just glow, not gloat. Lol.

I'm just envious. Apparently. I was a fangurl eversince he wooed me in Black Hawk Down. Eeee.

Padala mo saken 'yung photo. :P

psyche said...

hahahaha. kung ako yun ay nako..di ko alam. hehehe. i love him as much as you do. the wicker park movie is one of the best love stories ever.. haaayyy. pogi no? pero swerte gihapon kay sa Davao jud sila nag shoot. haaayyy..

I'm jealous ^.^

Jigs said...

Hehe! Maybe I too should stalk my favorite director who is currently visiting the Philippines too! Quentin Tarantino! Woohoo!

almaritchel said...

Ok lang, at least nakita niyo sa personal siya. Hay naku, i don't know ano ang magiging reaction ko if i ako iyong nasa sitwasyon niyo. Baka himatayin ako.

Raine said...

@jae,psyche, your heart out LOLS

@jigs:i'm fully supportive of celbrity stalkers...go Jigs!