July 22, 2007

Long Live Harry Potter

Warning: Spoilers ahead
I just finished reading the 7th and last book of the Harry Potter Series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I have been highly anticipating this book,waited for two years for it's release. I was quite worried that I will run out of copy because I forgot to reserve one. The book was dued for release yesterday and I had classes so I asked my dad to grab me a copy.I explicitly asked him to be there at the opening of the nearest National Bookstore from our home at 10:00am and at 10:05am he sent me an sms that he had secured a copy :) I can't wait to go home but I still have classes til' 8:00 pm and then I had dinner with friends so I was not able to go home till 11:45pm last night. The moment I entered my room, I started reading but then after 30 minutes exhaustion took over and I drifted off to sleep. I woke up at 8:00 am this morning and started reading, only stopping for meals and a nap and almost relcutantly for a bath ;) My eyes were watering and I think my vision is now pemanently impaired but finally I was able to finish the book. Now I can start reading it...leisurely this time so I can absorb all the details and digest the words properly ;) The book is FANTASTIC! JK Rowling is a GENIUS! It is my favorite book on the series.
For me it was almost a given that Harry would have to kill Voldemort in the end. Good has to win over evil right? After all it is still a children's book. But what most readers are still speculating was whether Harry would die in the process? There was a time while reading the book that I almost wanted to stop because Harry was about to die...but thankfully, he didn't. But one wouldn't know about it till the end. Rowling made such a delightful twist in the story. The final battle scene between Harry and Voldemort was FABULOUS(any other words for fantastic?i'm running out of adjectives here ). There were a lot of unforgettable scenes in the book but what really cracked me up was when Mrs. Weasly exclaimed"Not my daughter, you bitch" to Bellatrix and then finished her off :D Rowling was also able to justify Dumbledore's death whom I was hoping was still alive.Tis sad that Moody,Fred,Lupin, Tonks,Dobby the house-elf and other characters died but oh well they were in the middle of the battle and there has to be casualties. I wished Fred didn't die though, he and George are my fave characters along with Peeves.
But what really saddens me is that,now that the Harry Potter series is over . . .what book will I obsess about now? :-/

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Anonymous said...

I, too, am obsessed with Harry Potter (ask my mother, she will go on forEVER!) I could not get the book at midnight like I had planned to because I was really sick and too weak to walk anywhere. I had started on the book at close to ten in the morning the next day. I had work to do So I read 10 chapters and then stayed up until 5 in the morning to finish. Talk about 180! She completely turned this series around. It was the best Harry Potter book ever! But I hope that she (Rowling) writes another book that talks about the "nineteen years later" thing. That would be amazing!

-Morgyn N.

Raine said...

@Morgyn:yeah i really hope there's more to come, if not about Harry then something about the new generations of wizard, well let's just keep our fingers crossed and hope that Rowling can oblige the fans :)

jae said...

I swore not to read book six and seven when someone told me Albus died in the latter. But I guess curiosity will get the better (or worse) out of me one of these days.

There are four of you whom I know were racing to finish the book first. I guess you've won, because you're the first one with a HP book 7 related blog post as of today. Hahaha.

Raine said...

@jae:that's why i make it a point to read the book first and not read spoilers hehehe but read the book anyway..
i made it my goal to finish the book yesterday thus i wasn't able to respond to your sms ..gi-karir LOLS

Davao Outsource said...

hmm, I always wanted harry to die, therefore making Voldemort live and spread the word terror in all the world, but it is a children's book though so Good has to triumph over evil, good thing that Hermione did not die... YEY!

XYRYX said...

blog hopp...new entry po sa blog ko... pakibasa... malupet!

Jigs said...

i have finished reading the 7th book! It was a great ending to a great story!

Dominique said...

I would recommend Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis and the Prydain books by Lloyd Alexander.

Hey, come on over to my 1,000th blog post party, okay? Details over at my site.

jon said...

I wanted to read but I couldn't because of the spoilers! :) I will finish the book and then get back to you! :D

Alvin said...

Did you like how she ended the book? Book 7 is my favorite... I think the series ended the way it should be. :-)

Raine said...

@Davao outsource:hey maybe you should write your own version and publish it under the thriller genre and make it a Voldemort series...whatyathink? LOLS

@xyryx:will visit when able ;)

@jigs:yes i agree! it was worth the wait!

@dominique:sorry was not able to come :( Happy 1000th post again!

@jon:ok will definitely wait for your review :)

@alvin:yes the story was wrapped up pretty well..great book...series! will sorely miss it :(