July 13, 2007


Like I posted a long2x time ago, I’ll be sharing some mp3s of music that I love. But laziness got the better of me thus I was not able to do it. Anyways, I stumbled upon this version of Rihanna’s ella…ella by Scott Simon (the music you’re hearing right now from my blog) and thought of sharing some music covers.
Lately I’m into music covers. Don’t get me wrong I love original music but good covers give an old song or even a new song a different twist. Covers offer us listeners a new sound to familiar songs. It allows music artists to give their own rendition of previously recorded song. Mostly songs by artist they look up to. Some popular bands also do covers of lesser known bands to help them out or pay them recognition.
There are albums by different bands covering up music from legends such as tributes to Depeche Mode, Beatles and Carpenters to name a few. However most covers aren’t included in the artist albums and only performed in concerts or shows so they’re quite hard to find but I found some ;) Here are some of my favorite cover songs that you can download here:

To Love Somebody(Bee Gees)-Billy Corgan
Can’t get you out of my head(Kylie Minogue)-Coldplay
Heart Shaped Box(Nirvana)-Evanescence
So Sick(Ne-yo)-Fall Out Boy
Numb(Linkin Park)-Jamelia
Turning Japanese(The Vapors)-Incubus
Maneater(Hall and Oates)-PATD
Sunday Bloody Sunday(U2)-Pearl Jam
Pieces of me(Ashlee Simpson)- Dunno who covered it but it’s good…way better than Ashlee
Pure Imagination(Gene Wilder)-Maroon 5
Bittersweet Symphony(The Verve)- Richard Ashcroft & Coldplay
Snow Patrol(Beyonce)-Snow Patrol
Since You’ve Been gone(Kelly Clarkson)-Ted Leo
The Scientist(Coldplay)-Natasha Bedingfield

Sometimes I like the cover versib more than the original just like the Umbrella song and also Bowling for Soup cover of Fergie’s London Bridge (I’ve only seen the vid…anyone who has an mp3 of it?)…the original versions are too upbeat. I’m actually not sure if I love the covers because they make some sort of mockery to the original version. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me J but if you listen to some punk bands cover then you’ll know what I mean. I’ll share some songs from the Punk goes Pop album, which covers songs from boy bands like N’Sync and Backstreet boys and girl groups. The versions are cool and guaranteed to make you smile…trust me. You can download it here. Various Punk bands actually have other albums such as Punk Goes 90’s, 80’s, acoustic..i’ll share them next time.

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Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Raine,
I'm new at your blog. I hope you don't mind if I make a comment on your latest post.

You sure are a music lover. That's good. Your repertoire of music and artists are varied and wide ranging, from the oldies to the latest. I will download some of your cover songs and will listen to them.

Thanks for the wonderful post. I love it. May I invite you to visit my own blog?

God bless you with all the wonderful things in life.

Jigs said...

I'm also not used to covers that much, but am definitely open to it. That so sick cover by Fall Out Boy seems interesting. I'll try to download it.

jae said...

Already have the renditions of both Coldplay and Incubus. Hehe. But thanks for recommending the list, Raine. Sounds interesting. Some new files to go gaga with, now that my iPod's already fixed. Weehee.

Raine said...

@mel:hello there! thanks for the visit and you're very much welcome to comment.will visit your blog too :)

@jigs:sure go ahead

@jae:bcoz you love incubus and coldplay right? hehehe welcome

jose paulo said...

raine dear,
jae told me about your covers post last night on our way home. i had to sneak a few moments in my lab class just to read your page. i'd love to put those mp3s in my SE W810i. Eynks. Btw, heard of Weezers' cover of Britney's "Baby One More Time"? Ahehe.

neolle said...

Some cover songs sounds better than the original. We are also working on some cover songs, love song particularly. Hope we can come up with soon. :D

Raine said...

@jose paulo:yep jae's pretty interested about the mp3s that she asked me to email her some..you're both welcome :D yep i heard that one...hilarious

@neolle:oh so you have a band? that's pretty cool...good luck with your songs then :)