May 29, 2007


I got this quote from Meredith Grey(Grey's Anatomy) I don't know if this really originated from her. But this one smacked me right on the head,

"Why do I keep hitting myself with a hammer?
Because it feels so damn good when I stop"


May 28, 2007

The mystery of the Prank Caller

Last year I blogged about a certain prank caller bugging me and my college classmates. Calling and sending sms messages pretending to be me and some of my classmates and asking for info about our batch. We haven’t heard from her for quite sometime when again last month my classmate Che told me that the girl called her up and said that she was my cousin and badly needed my number. Che just ignored her and then last week she texted Che and said that she was my sister. Che and I laughed it off because we both know that I have no sister. Anyways, we have a few suspects as to who’s behind these pranks and we never really took it seriously. We just thought that the person just get kicks out of puzzling us. But as fate would have it, we were able to uncover the real culprit last Saturday. Ruby, Agnes, Paolo and me (it happens that we are all classmates) were eating when we saw some schoolmates. These schoolmates then asked us if we know a person named Minerva. We asked why and then they told us that this person even after 7 years out of college holds some grievance against our batch. She claims that we made fun or her during college and got in the way of her romance with our classmate Glomark. Her name didn’t ring any bell nor her picture. Agnes then suggested that this person might be the prank caller so we checked her number and it was a match. I had goose bumps when we confirmed it was her. Because now the unknown number has a face and is a real person. A person whom we have no clue even exist yet knows a lot of things about us. A person who holds some kind of twisted grievance against us. A person who seems to be sick and lives just within the city. We wanted to reach out to this person so we could clarify things up coz as far as we know we didn’t do her harm to warrant this kind of hatred. However, we are also afraid to make contact with her since she might be capable of harm. We’re still planning how to approach her while hoping that in time she’ll heal and be able to let go of the past.


May 22, 2007

Miting de Abanse

I know this is a bit delayed but i just got hold of the pictures and better late than never right? Anyways, every election it has been a tradition of the Davao Artist Foundation and other invited artist even from outside the city to conduct their own Miting de Abanse. This is their avenue to voice out their political views through their art work. The exhibit is at MTS at the formerly Impit Purok bar. It is still open by the way so those who are interested can still check it out.Below are installations made by my favorite artist :) Let the art speak for itself.


May 21, 2007


I just finished watching season one of another series…Dexter. Nope not Dexter’s Lab from cartoon network though I also love that show ;) This is a new series from Showtime which premiered last October 1, 2006. Unfortunately it’s not yet shown here and was only able to watch it from torrent downloads. The show is based from the character of the novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. The story is about Dexter(Michael C. Hall ) who works as a forensic analyst specializing in bloodstain pattern analysis for the Miami-Dade Police Department. Dexter apart from his day job is a serial killer at night who was able to control his urge and only kill those who have wronged the law. He’s some sort of a vigilante in a darker and twisted sense because he likes to make his victim suffer and he enjoys the blood and collects a sample from each of his victim. At first I find the show creepy because of all that gore but I’m always fascinated with mysteries and psychological thriller so I began to really enjoy the show. It’s a different kind of thrill to watch a show from the point of view of a serial killer and not from the crime solver. The show is really interesting with colorful characters and really unpredictable and solid plot. The entire season one was a total blast but don’t just take my word for it. I guess the IGN awards they won for Best New Show, Best Actor, Best Villain, Best Character and numerous other awards and nominations speaks for itself.


Feels like home

It’s been a while since I’ve been here. Been busy with work and all plus there are a lot of things that happened that I haven’t processed yet. I’m into something new right now (no it’s not something illegal) and it’s still too fragile at this point that I’m afraid to ruin things with words….my own words that is. Let me just share this song with you guys because more or less it sums up how I feel. (Gawd somebody stop me!)


May 12, 2007


I’ve always been fascinated with houses. Not with their aesthetic features but mostly about the story they could tell. I love the way they tickle my imagination and seems to talk to me. I love to while away time while staring out of the window of the car while traveling or while walking. I would make up stories about the house and the lives of the people inside. Some houses are sad and could tell stories that could break my heart. Of their spacious walls that never echoed laughter. Or the beautifully trimmed lawn never graced by butterflies. Some houses just give me the creeps. Those are my least favorite house. The kind that gives you goose bumps even in broad daylight. My favorite kind of house is those that seem to smile at me. A house that stretches an open hand to strangers. Houses that seem to beckon a wary traveler onto its safe and warm abode.

Like this house that we always pass by every time we go to one of the company farms in Toril. I’ve been dying to get a snap shot of it but only got the chance last Tuesday. I love this house because it is simple and small yet it gives me good vibes plus it offers a panoramic view of our city. I wish I could own a house like this someday.

Houses always hold a special place in my heart esp. those houses that we used to live in. I’ve been in and out of so many now. Houses that not only provided me shelter but become silent witness to my joys and pains. Houses that held the memories of my childhood and still holds a part of me. Houses that will always stay with me but sadly cannot be revisited again. Houses that ceased to be my home but continues to be my haven.


May 9, 2007


Been tagged by Leigh and Roselle with this meme.

1. Production Planning and Inventory Control Engineer at some semicon co.
2. OIC- Plant Manager at some food co.
3. Internal Auditor at some time in my current employer
4. Currently…Blogger/ Chatter

1. Face Off- I just love this movie!
2. Sound of music- Love the moosic
3. Sabrina- I love their house and the sceneries
4. Matrix- Keanu Reeves!
And many2x more

1. Davao City
2. Sta. Rosa Laguna
3. Armie’s place…saan na nga yun pusa?
4. and various other transient places

Only 4?
1. Heroes ...current obsession!
2. American Idol
3. Dexter
4. Prison break

1. Tagaytay
2. Batangas
3. Surigao del Sur
4. Cagayan De Oro

1. currently I’m addicted to Persian Kabab
2. My Mom’s Carbonara
3. My Dad’s Sisig
4. any street food (isaw, bbq, fishball and etc)

1. Napa Valley, California …think “a walk in the clouds” or anywhere in the US so I don’t need to download Heroes for 5 hours hahaha
2. Pyramids in Egypt
3. In some monastery in Cambodia or Tibet
4. Anywhere in europe …in some chateau in France…a gondola ride in venice

1. Shane (as a welcome back meme)
2. Jae
3. Xyryx
4. Psyche
If you've done this before guys...then you may do it again...4 times ;)



May 8, 2007


Brand (brnd) n. A mark indicating identity or ownership,
burned on the hide of an animal with a hot iron

I've been branded
by someone
who doesn't even know
I'm already his
by someone
who doesn't even care...


May 7, 2007

The sweet escape

This is where i've been for the past 48 hours...

where every color shifts with the movements of the sun
and where i can be bluer than blue..

but of course i wasn't blue :) I had the most remarkable weekend at Canibad, Samal with 3 of my artist friends. The place was fabulous(more pictures here) and I had the most gifted companions(at artistic fields and cooking hehehe) and we had interesting exchanges of thoughts and ideas. I would definitley go back there again.


May 2, 2007

mea culpa

My words are not spears intended to hurt anyone. They are not swords or weapons of any kind aimed to wound. I believe that they haven’t even got the strength of a needle to cause even a prick. Nor are they cupid’s arrow to claim hearts. Or enchantments to bewitch. My words are shapeless. They are unformed mass of disjointed thoughts. My thoughts are akin to liquid that would take shape the moment it would assume a container. They assume shape the moment somebody gives them meaning. They gain strength from the value people give them. I utter words for the sake of expression. To let go of bottled thoughts that clutters my brain. To unleash toxins lest they poison my soul. To set myself free of the broken parts so I could heal. I speak to the wind to scatter these words to oblivion. Or I sometimes wish the wind would carry it someplace where these words might matter. Maybe this blog is no longer the place for the kind of release I wanted. I can’t control people’s reaction but I never ever meant to hurt anyone… but someone did. And it pains me more than I thought that I offended someone. People’s feeling far outweighs my need for expression thus I take back those words. If only I could also take back the hurt with the very words that caused it in the first place.
I am sorry stranger.