March 31, 2007

The Trouble with Multiply

This is what greeted me on my inbox this morning when i checked my email. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me but after blinking several times, the words EX-WIFE was still there.AFAIK, i haven't married yet nor have gotten divorce and most definitely not with a female, who i presume Mariz to be(she has no picture).

After staring numbly on the screen for a few minutes, i burst out laughing. I presume this was a mistake on her part. That's the trouble with multiply. You have to select a relationship first before you can add a contact.And you can't edit it, you have to delete that person from your list and add him/her over again.This process have placed me on a dilemma several times coz i'm confused what relationship to choose, Friend, Online buddy or distant relative that would be apt..without wanting to hurt the feelings of the other person.That's why I rarely add anybody and just wait to be added by my ex-husbands hahaha
These social network groups has been a constant source of amusement. I remember that incident once when a dog who has a blog added me up on Friendster, top that one :-?


March 29, 2007

The means and the end of Jun Ducat

I’m pretty sure that Jun Ducat has become a household name by now. But for the benefit of those who don’t know him. He was the 56 year civil engr. who hostaged a busload of 32 children and 2 teachers. He however released them after making his demands heard, and a candle lighting ceremony. He demanded education for the children, better lives for his countrymen and all that jazz. More of the news here.
I pray that this whole incident is not just a political agenda by those who benefited from the incident *coughs revilla,singson* If that is the case then I would jump off the nearest bridge.
What happened reminded me of our Philo subject way back in college about morality specifically about the concept that the end justifies the means. Our professor said that the end never justifies the means. Employing bad means even with good intentions is never right. It is the act itself that makes something right or justifiable. We argued with him and cited several examples but in the end he got us convinced. Yes morality is not black and white and has a lot of gray areas. But we can’t deny that black and white areas do exist. And deceitful means is clearly a black area. Let’s not confuse ourselves with over thinking. Going back to the story of Jun Ducat. What was he thinking? I guess he’s going through some Robin Hood complex or whatever. Even if the government will hold their end of the bargain which is rather unlikely did he ever thought of the effect of it to the children? Or the example he will set to society? The children appear to be unharmed and haven’t displayed any psychological effects yet. But they will grow up thinking that our country has become so hopeless that you need to stage a hostage just to be heard. And some might probably consider what Ducat did as a heroic act and do a copy cat. Violating human rights to promotes human welfare. Doing injustice to promote justice. Killing to promote life. Where’s the sense in all that? I find it all quite absurd. Altogether let’s jump off that bridge; it seems to be a sane act compared to all this nonsense. But seriously, I take what happened as a calling, a challenge, as a wake up call…an alarm bell that have rung off a long long time ago but still resounding till now.


March 28, 2007

Blog improvements

I think I’m finally making progress with this Beta Blogger thingy. I finally realized that XHTML is no rocket science after all but I still consider myself a dummy. A slightly improved one but still a dummy nonetheless. I wouldn’t have done it without the help of those individuals who unselfishly shared their knowledge with the rest of the world. All I did was learn where to paste codes. Anybody with half a brain could do it even without any background of HTML or web techie stuffs.

Here are some of the home err blog improvements I’ve made and where I got it. This is my way of thanking and properly accrediting all those who gurus who helped me.

1.The 3 column template I got from Thur Broeders
2.The recent comment widget from Beatiful Beta
3. The expandable post from Hackosphere , which was the most difficult part.It didn't work on some post but it finally did on this one.
4.The yahoo emoticons :> , Drop down for my links, Blog icon(the rain symbol you see on the address bar) and other ongoing improvements I got from Some Template Tips by Deepa. His site is really informative and he is very accommodating.
5.Other additional resources are Bloggers Tips and tricks and Dummies guide to bloggers.

Thanks for spreading the love and cheers! Now i can finally focus on the content of this blog :D


March 26, 2007

Nakatikim ka na ba ng kinse anyos?

Last weekend my friend with probably good intentions gave me a textmate.One pathetic story coming right up! And because I was bored (ok and a bit curious) I texted the guy back. He was nice and funny and I was bored and I guess he was too. We have nothing much in common except traveling, nature trekking, Globe unlimitexting and boredom. So we texted the whole sunday. This morning I decided to check the guy out on Friendster (not because I was interested but I was just bored ok) and Surprise! Surprise! He was still 21 years old. I never bothered to ask personal questions. Oddly the phrase “Nakatikim ka na ba ng kinse anyos?” came to mind. Well what do you know I might have just found what I’ve been looking for, a playmate at Timezone >:)



Sometimes I wish we live near the beach and I’ll have my very own spot where I can hole up anytime. It would be a big rock where I can easily climb and watch over the infinite crashing of waves upon waves. A place where I could feel the warm golden sand beneath my toes and the warm sun on my back. And where I could taste the salt permeating the air and feel the cool sea breeze blowing against my skin. Then I would shut out the rest of the world and have a quiet conversation with myself. That is my idea of a perfect hideaway.
But I don’t live anywhere near the beach. I live in some cramped subdivision where the thought of a hideaway like that is a far distant dream.
But I make do.
Instead of the beach I have my room. I have books, movies and music.
I climb in my bed and settle in my pillows. Then I grab a book and squeeze in between the comfort of those black lines of the print. Sometimes I find myself in the middle of a Quidditch match or witnessing a grisly murder or alongside a pilgrim on the road to Santiago.
Or sometimes I grab the remote, turn on the TV and crawl in between those vivid scenes. I get tangled up in the dramas of those conjured characters. I laugh, cry, dream and bleed with them.
Or sometimes I slip in the soothing notes or crashing crescendos of sound over an emotional terrain of broken hearts, new found love, lives and whatnots.
I hide for a brief or even imagined moment to get away from the stifling world but mostly I hide to seek myself.


March 23, 2007

Lost and Found

I told my friend Ruby that I think I’m really getting old because I’ve become forgetful. I tell the same story, repeat myself when talking or leave things behind. She reassured me that it happens to her too and it's not forgetfulness but just being preoccupied. That kinda lifted my spirits a bit but something happened that made me doubt her words. Yesterday we ate at the mall and then window shopped afterwards. I was surprised to receive a phonecall from my dad. He said that somebody found my wallet, got my phone number from one of my ID cards and called home and that I can claim my wallet from the Security Guard of the mall. I thought at first that it was some prank coz I didn’t even know that I lost my wallet.So I frantically searched my bag to check my and found out it was really gone. I must have left it at the food court where we ate. So I hurried over to the mall’s office and claimed my wallet. They were dubious at first if I was really the owner coz they were expecting a male coz of the Junior in my name plus the ID picture was a bit blurry and I had short hair then. But then I had another ID in my bag and showed it to them. They told me that the janitor found my wallet and gave it to the guard. I checked all the content and it was all in tact. I was really relieved to have my wallet back though I really wasn’t worried about losing money coz it did not contain any except for a dollar hahaha I am so clumsy and disorganized that when I receive cash I just stash it anywhere in my bag. I offered money to the guard but she refused since she said it was all part of their job. I asked for her name, she told me to call her Ate Lina and we chatted for a while then we bid goodbye. When I went home that night I didn’t just found my wallet back but I now have an Ate Lina to look after the things I leave behind within the vicinity of the mall hehehe and I found a renewed faith in people. Honest people still exist. They’re no myth after all.
But I am really becoming forgetful or preoccupied or whatever :-(


March 21, 2007


I’m addicted to another TV show, Heroes. I’ve heard about it before from a friend in the states when the show from NBC started September of last year. But since it isn’t shown here yet, I didn’t give it much thought. But then two Sundays ago it was shown in RPN9, I was able to watch bits of the pilot episode and I loved it. So I hunted for a DVD of it in a local mall and found it and watched it over the weekend. I love it coz the story is really interesting. It is written in comic book style where it keeps you hanging on the end and you just have to know what happens next. I thought at first that it’s another X-men wannabe show but it isn’t.

Yes the story centers on people possessing superpowers but it’s more than that. There is a theory presented that the process of human evolution ain’t over yet. And there are few chosen ones with abilities written on their generic code to bring evolution to the next level. Science have always said that the brain is such an amazing thing and what makes it more amazing and mysterious is that we are only using one tenth of it. There are still a lot of things to be discovered. And what we consider as people manifesting heroic ability may just be people who have utilized their brain to its full potential. The characters are still unveiling the mystery of why they have superpowers on the first place and they’re still learning how to control it. They haven’t even got a costume yet and God forbid if they start wearing skin tight body suits, I will stop watching the show then! The heroes in the story come from different part of the globe but they are slowly becoming aware of each others presence. The characters are slowly unearthing this intricate connection to one another. Allow me to introduce you to the central characters(from Left to Right of the picture above which i got from NBC's official Heroes site)

Peter Petrelli- A hospice from Manhattan, New York. He can absorb other heroes power.

Claire Bennet- A cheerleader from Odessa, Texas who can heal herself. Her cells regenerate.

D.L. Hawkins- An ex-con from Las Vegas Nevada who can pass through solid objects.

Micah Sanders- The son of D.L. and Niki. His powers are still unclear but he seems to manipulate machines, he can withdraw cash from the ATM w/o the card.

Nathan Petrelli- A politician from Manhattan, New York who can fly. He is the elder brother of Peter.

Niki Sanders- The struggling mom of Micah, wife of D.L. who have an alter-ego(Jessica) who seems exhibit extra strength.

Matt Parkman- A cop from Los Angeles, California who can read your thoughts.

Mohinder Suresh- A scientist from India who came to New York to finish his father’s research on those with genetic marks or the heroes.

Isaac Hayes- A painter also from Manhattan, New York who can literally paint the future.

Hiro Nakamura-from Japan. He can bend time and space continuum. He is just sooooo adorable esp. the way his face contorts when he concentrate(like in the picture). Ang cute talaga niya, mahal ko na ata siya! :-)

Sigh! Too bad I don’t have the power to travel time because the next season will start on April 23, I still have a loooong wait :-(


March 20, 2007

1st Blogiversary

Wow it’s been a year since I’ve been in this blogging business. I’m actually missing because it was partly the reason why I lasted this long because it was so easy to manage. I almost had a nosebleed just trying to figure out how to put an image on the background but thankfully I stumble upon Beta blogger for dummies meaning there are more of us out there ;)
So much have changed since I started blogging but I’m not gonna repeat myself coz I already did a meme about that. I actually have nothing to say…I’m at a loss for words. Why am I acting like I won some kind of award? :) Maybe because I consider this blog anniversary as some kind of triumph. A triumph because I lasted this long. I usually don’t finish most of the things I’ve started. And going on with the pretense of award acceptance,I would like to thank each and every one of those netizens and friends who’ve somehow made a mark on my life through this blog.
Please don’t be shy and help yourself with the cake LOLS

Ahm, I’m feeling nostalgic and all and would like to recall some of my first when it comes to blogging.
My first template, this custom gothic thingy.

The first voluntary comment I got coz most of my first comments where from my friends whom i've coerced to check my blog. The comment was from mushy /Chelsea. She was also the first non-friend blog that I bloghopped to.

Then my first message on the tagbox from neil.

My first real introspective post came a few months later. This is one of my faves coz it actually made sense to me.

Ok those are my first that mattered now you know what to expect for my second blogiversary, my seconds haha!

*cake is courtesy of cake generator


March 19, 2007

Davao Blog Party 1

The pictures says it all.It was a blast and i had fun.I was finally able to meet some bloggers on my blogroll, Dennis, Kathy and those who weren't like Eetsie, Ara and some BisayaBloggers. Pictures are grabbed from Andrew and Blogie's blog.

There was teeny wee bit embarrasing moment for me though during the EB and i didn't knew it till i saw the pictures.I was caught on Blogie's cam showing Mykiss my blog.I mean OMG! Showing my blog at a bloggers EB.How blog obsessed can I be? And I wouldn't have gotten caught if my page didn't hang but it did :-(


March 18, 2007


I'll be celebrating my first blog anniversary soon. No big deal actually, just one year. I’m still considered a newbie compared to other bloggers . After one year, I've realized that blogging has become part of my life and will be for quite some time so I’ll take this more seriously and try to do it right.
I didn’t think there will a be a lot of work involved in transferring to a new blog . It is more tedious than when I started first because there are a gazillion things to consider.

First, was choosing the right blog to use. I've been using because it uses PHP script and is user friendly to a web idiot or i'd rather use the term technically challenged person like me. However, along the way I saw some cons and tried out other blog sites I actually registered to almost all known blog sites and after comparing one after the other and asking the opinion of those who know better, here I am. I actually wanted to revive the blog I created way back in 2004 but I can’t access it anymore, it was also in blogger. Blogger is a bit easier to edit now than before but haven’t totally mastered it yet. I'm still trying to get the hang of this so bear with me.
Second, the blog title. This will still be a personal blog. I wanted to change the name of my blog and replace introspection with only happy when it rains. Introspection seems so serious compared to what I actually blog about. But I like it coz it’s just one word and believe it to be quite unique so decided to stick with it for a while.
Third, the template. I wanted to use my old template for familiarity’s sake but I still don’t know how so I ended up using a generic template.
Fourth, the tagbox. There is no ready tagbox in blogger so I have to get it from other sources. I already got one from Cbox but then I decided not to insert a tagbox in my new blog. Why? Coz I really find it annoying when some bloggers leave their comments on the tagbox instead of in the post. And then to discourage those link whores who don’t even bother to read any of my post and just want to increase traffic in their sites and hop not from one blog to another but from one tag box to another. Geez got pretty worked up about that :-)
Fifth, deciding what to do with the other blog. I decided not to disable it. Sayang din. I might find other use for it. I decided not to transfer my posts and leave it there.
Sixth, the relinking. I have to hop around and inform every link/ blogmates I have that I transferred to another blog.
Phew! This is too tiresome. Almost gave up mid-way but I decided to see this one through.
Guys and Gals. Netizens. Blogmates. Welcome to my new blog :-)