March 26, 2007


Sometimes I wish we live near the beach and I’ll have my very own spot where I can hole up anytime. It would be a big rock where I can easily climb and watch over the infinite crashing of waves upon waves. A place where I could feel the warm golden sand beneath my toes and the warm sun on my back. And where I could taste the salt permeating the air and feel the cool sea breeze blowing against my skin. Then I would shut out the rest of the world and have a quiet conversation with myself. That is my idea of a perfect hideaway.
But I don’t live anywhere near the beach. I live in some cramped subdivision where the thought of a hideaway like that is a far distant dream.
But I make do.
Instead of the beach I have my room. I have books, movies and music.
I climb in my bed and settle in my pillows. Then I grab a book and squeeze in between the comfort of those black lines of the print. Sometimes I find myself in the middle of a Quidditch match or witnessing a grisly murder or alongside a pilgrim on the road to Santiago.
Or sometimes I grab the remote, turn on the TV and crawl in between those vivid scenes. I get tangled up in the dramas of those conjured characters. I laugh, cry, dream and bleed with them.
Or sometimes I slip in the soothing notes or crashing crescendos of sound over an emotional terrain of broken hearts, new found love, lives and whatnots.
I hide for a brief or even imagined moment to get away from the stifling world but mostly I hide to seek myself.

6 retrospection:

balikbayan_box said...

sabi nga nila sometimes someone feel alone in the midst of a crowd

weird but true since i feel that way too.

monday blues? Have a great week ahead!

jae said...

True, true..

But many a times, my idea of a perfect hideaway is that dark place inside my head. *grins*

carey said...

we live by the sea and we used to go to the seashore on late afternoons, it's just few steps from our house...that was when i was still a kid. now the seashore is infested with houses that shouldn't be there (you know what they are). they block the once beautiful view of the sea. sigh. i miss those days. but at night, i can still hear the waves crashing though... like music.
hey, you could own a house by the sea in the not so distant future...

kathy said...

mmm...a place at the beach...
it'd really be nice to own one..

Janz said...

You could re-decorate your room to look and feel like the beach w/ blue paint etc. Hey thats a nice idea for Kaden's room.

Raine said...

@ayeza:blues?not really, i'm just an escapist by nature :)

@jae:yeah that place but i don't hide there jae, i live there >:)

@carey:lucky you carey,to have actually lived by the sea.yes hopefully , later on in life

@kathy:don't worry kath, if i own one, i'll invite you guys over ;)

@janz:yes that would work for kaden, but i'd prefer my winnie the pooh themed room hahaha magswap na lang mi jan