March 21, 2007


I’m addicted to another TV show, Heroes. I’ve heard about it before from a friend in the states when the show from NBC started September of last year. But since it isn’t shown here yet, I didn’t give it much thought. But then two Sundays ago it was shown in RPN9, I was able to watch bits of the pilot episode and I loved it. So I hunted for a DVD of it in a local mall and found it and watched it over the weekend. I love it coz the story is really interesting. It is written in comic book style where it keeps you hanging on the end and you just have to know what happens next. I thought at first that it’s another X-men wannabe show but it isn’t.

Yes the story centers on people possessing superpowers but it’s more than that. There is a theory presented that the process of human evolution ain’t over yet. And there are few chosen ones with abilities written on their generic code to bring evolution to the next level. Science have always said that the brain is such an amazing thing and what makes it more amazing and mysterious is that we are only using one tenth of it. There are still a lot of things to be discovered. And what we consider as people manifesting heroic ability may just be people who have utilized their brain to its full potential. The characters are still unveiling the mystery of why they have superpowers on the first place and they’re still learning how to control it. They haven’t even got a costume yet and God forbid if they start wearing skin tight body suits, I will stop watching the show then! The heroes in the story come from different part of the globe but they are slowly becoming aware of each others presence. The characters are slowly unearthing this intricate connection to one another. Allow me to introduce you to the central characters(from Left to Right of the picture above which i got from NBC's official Heroes site)

Peter Petrelli- A hospice from Manhattan, New York. He can absorb other heroes power.

Claire Bennet- A cheerleader from Odessa, Texas who can heal herself. Her cells regenerate.

D.L. Hawkins- An ex-con from Las Vegas Nevada who can pass through solid objects.

Micah Sanders- The son of D.L. and Niki. His powers are still unclear but he seems to manipulate machines, he can withdraw cash from the ATM w/o the card.

Nathan Petrelli- A politician from Manhattan, New York who can fly. He is the elder brother of Peter.

Niki Sanders- The struggling mom of Micah, wife of D.L. who have an alter-ego(Jessica) who seems exhibit extra strength.

Matt Parkman- A cop from Los Angeles, California who can read your thoughts.

Mohinder Suresh- A scientist from India who came to New York to finish his father’s research on those with genetic marks or the heroes.

Isaac Hayes- A painter also from Manhattan, New York who can literally paint the future.

Hiro Nakamura-from Japan. He can bend time and space continuum. He is just sooooo adorable esp. the way his face contorts when he concentrate(like in the picture). Ang cute talaga niya, mahal ko na ata siya! :-)

Sigh! Too bad I don’t have the power to travel time because the next season will start on April 23, I still have a loooong wait :-(

9 retrospection:

chelsea said...

hhmm. ive always heard good feedback bout this series but i havent really watched even an episode of it. will check it nga :)

juana said...

dumaan ang reyna.

George said...

save the cheerleader, save the world
hehehehe :)

Raine said...

@chelsea:it's a really cool show,it even got higher rating than CSI adn Grey's anatomy :-)


@george:of all the things i forgot to include...the show's tagline hehehe

XYRYX said...

salamat din po sa pagbisita... na link na po kita... ako po?

Dominique said...

Hi, Raine. I'm up to date with my episodes. All the way up to Episode 18. Let me know if you want copies. Drop me a note at dominique dot cimafranca at gmail dot com.

Or we could organize a viewing marathon with other Heroes fans.

You'll never guess that Claire's dad is....(aaaargh! all right, all right, no spoilers)

Raine said...

@dominique:got the dvd so i've finished it up til ep.18..
a viewing marathon sounds nice so we could infect the others w/ the addiction :-)
re: claire's dad..yeah didn't see that one coming

teh anomaly said...

Claire's dad is the Haitian! LOL

Raine said...

@teh anomaly:possible! she was the only one who can make the haitian talk LOLS