March 20, 2007

1st Blogiversary

Wow it’s been a year since I’ve been in this blogging business. I’m actually missing because it was partly the reason why I lasted this long because it was so easy to manage. I almost had a nosebleed just trying to figure out how to put an image on the background but thankfully I stumble upon Beta blogger for dummies meaning there are more of us out there ;)
So much have changed since I started blogging but I’m not gonna repeat myself coz I already did a meme about that. I actually have nothing to say…I’m at a loss for words. Why am I acting like I won some kind of award? :) Maybe because I consider this blog anniversary as some kind of triumph. A triumph because I lasted this long. I usually don’t finish most of the things I’ve started. And going on with the pretense of award acceptance,I would like to thank each and every one of those netizens and friends who’ve somehow made a mark on my life through this blog.
Please don’t be shy and help yourself with the cake LOLS

Ahm, I’m feeling nostalgic and all and would like to recall some of my first when it comes to blogging.
My first template, this custom gothic thingy.

The first voluntary comment I got coz most of my first comments where from my friends whom i've coerced to check my blog. The comment was from mushy /Chelsea. She was also the first non-friend blog that I bloghopped to.

Then my first message on the tagbox from neil.

My first real introspective post came a few months later. This is one of my faves coz it actually made sense to me.

Ok those are my first that mattered now you know what to expect for my second blogiversary, my seconds haha!

*cake is courtesy of cake generator

15 retrospection:

karol said...

happy anniversary! here's to more years of introspection! :)

Raine said...

@karol:hehehe thanks!akala mo kung ano eh

cheska said...

Raine!!!happy anniversary!hope you'll still maintain your account. we will soon have a party for users here in manila. malay mo, next time, sa davao na. blogging, cheers!

Anonymous said...

yum yum...hehe! :-)

happy 1st blogiversary, raine!! :-)

Raine said...

@cheska:thanks!i'm still thinking what i'll do w/ that blog.ah that's cool, oo nga noh, davao chapter hehehe

@kat:thanks kat for finding the cake delicious LOLS

Lazarus said...

happy 1st blogiversary! yesterday, mine was a year old.

bloghopped from fence.

Anonymous said...

sus. one year nlng. kron pjud ko kbaw nga naa diay kay blogspot,hehehe.

zarine said...

happy blogiversary raine!
keepon posting:)

balikbayan_box said...

Happy Blogsary!!!

The first year is always the best its either you want to saty or blog some more hehehe

enjoy and write more!

Raine said...

@lazarus:magkasunod lang pala tayo :-)

@aryanism:bago ra ko diri oi, diri lang nako gicelebrate hehehe

@zarine:yep i will

@ayeza:yeah i plan to stay hopefully for a long time :-)

@ALL:THANK YOU FOR THE GREETINGS! it means a lot to me hahaha

carey said...

ngeeeeeee.... sorry am late in greeting you! wala lagi ko kakita ani nga post when i was here... it was only one page and unfinished, so i thought you still were under process of beautifying your new blog. mao didto na lang ko nagtukaw tukaw sa blog nimo.


carey said...

btw, i have difficulty reading the text blending with the background... or is it just my browser? am using firefox.

jae said...

Belated happy blogiversary, Raine. :)

Raine said...

@carey:hehehe ok lang oi.papansin lang ko sa imo,cge will try to adjust the colors, am still tweaking things up, might last for a year at the rate i'm going :-)

@jae:aw too bad you stopped blogging, my bloglife will never be the same again :-(

carey said...

wow... first comments, first msg sa tagboard...
so nice! can i borrow this idea for my blog's first birthday too? hapit na gyud... first week of april :) wow, a year passed na... and looking back, i have no regrets. never.