March 19, 2007

Davao Blog Party 1

The pictures says it all.It was a blast and i had fun.I was finally able to meet some bloggers on my blogroll, Dennis, Kathy and those who weren't like Eetsie, Ara and some BisayaBloggers. Pictures are grabbed from Andrew and Blogie's blog.

There was teeny wee bit embarrasing moment for me though during the EB and i didn't knew it till i saw the pictures.I was caught on Blogie's cam showing Mykiss my blog.I mean OMG! Showing my blog at a bloggers EB.How blog obsessed can I be? And I wouldn't have gotten caught if my page didn't hang but it did :-(

7 retrospection:

janus3185 said...

waaah! wala ko kaadto kay nag ulan! naglakaw ko mga ten naka agi ko didto sa netfronmt but then maulaw nako ug sulod kay late na kaau! hehe

abidubi said...

the food was great too ^_^ hehe.
sayang nga eh kasi marami pa talagang bloggers dito sa davao, mostly teenagers, di naka-attend because of parental consent, yung iba rin di nasabihan. hayy.

karol said...

hey!!! lumipat ka na...will update my blogroll soon...take care!

Raine said...

@janus:sulod unta ka,daghan man late.almost 12 na gani nahuman.ako man pud gani naulaw :-)

@abidubi:yep it was great bcoz it was for free LOLS cge lang next time they can join


George said...

hmmm i just realized my cousin is there too bweheheh :)
pamilya diay mi ug blogger ani flo? :))

janus3185 said...

next tym adto na jud ko! lol

Raine said...

@george:must be in your blood,i won't be surprised if i stumble upon Gavin's blog hehehe

@janus:yeah next time, adto na jud