March 18, 2007


I'll be celebrating my first blog anniversary soon. No big deal actually, just one year. I’m still considered a newbie compared to other bloggers . After one year, I've realized that blogging has become part of my life and will be for quite some time so I’ll take this more seriously and try to do it right.
I didn’t think there will a be a lot of work involved in transferring to a new blog . It is more tedious than when I started first because there are a gazillion things to consider.

First, was choosing the right blog to use. I've been using because it uses PHP script and is user friendly to a web idiot or i'd rather use the term technically challenged person like me. However, along the way I saw some cons and tried out other blog sites I actually registered to almost all known blog sites and after comparing one after the other and asking the opinion of those who know better, here I am. I actually wanted to revive the blog I created way back in 2004 but I can’t access it anymore, it was also in blogger. Blogger is a bit easier to edit now than before but haven’t totally mastered it yet. I'm still trying to get the hang of this so bear with me.
Second, the blog title. This will still be a personal blog. I wanted to change the name of my blog and replace introspection with only happy when it rains. Introspection seems so serious compared to what I actually blog about. But I like it coz it’s just one word and believe it to be quite unique so decided to stick with it for a while.
Third, the template. I wanted to use my old template for familiarity’s sake but I still don’t know how so I ended up using a generic template.
Fourth, the tagbox. There is no ready tagbox in blogger so I have to get it from other sources. I already got one from Cbox but then I decided not to insert a tagbox in my new blog. Why? Coz I really find it annoying when some bloggers leave their comments on the tagbox instead of in the post. And then to discourage those link whores who don’t even bother to read any of my post and just want to increase traffic in their sites and hop not from one blog to another but from one tag box to another. Geez got pretty worked up about that :-)
Fifth, deciding what to do with the other blog. I decided not to disable it. Sayang din. I might find other use for it. I decided not to transfer my posts and leave it there.
Sixth, the relinking. I have to hop around and inform every link/ blogmates I have that I transferred to another blog.
Phew! This is too tiresome. Almost gave up mid-way but I decided to see this one through.
Guys and Gals. Netizens. Blogmates. Welcome to my new blog :-)

2 retrospection:

jeub said...

welcome! ^^,)

Raine said...

@jeub:thank you.i feel very welcomed now :-)