March 28, 2007

Blog improvements

I think I’m finally making progress with this Beta Blogger thingy. I finally realized that XHTML is no rocket science after all but I still consider myself a dummy. A slightly improved one but still a dummy nonetheless. I wouldn’t have done it without the help of those individuals who unselfishly shared their knowledge with the rest of the world. All I did was learn where to paste codes. Anybody with half a brain could do it even without any background of HTML or web techie stuffs.

Here are some of the home err blog improvements I’ve made and where I got it. This is my way of thanking and properly accrediting all those who gurus who helped me.

1.The 3 column template I got from Thur Broeders
2.The recent comment widget from Beatiful Beta
3. The expandable post from Hackosphere , which was the most difficult part.It didn't work on some post but it finally did on this one.
4.The yahoo emoticons :> , Drop down for my links, Blog icon(the rain symbol you see on the address bar) and other ongoing improvements I got from Some Template Tips by Deepa. His site is really informative and he is very accommodating.
5.Other additional resources are Bloggers Tips and tricks and Dummies guide to bloggers.

Thanks for spreading the love and cheers! Now i can finally focus on the content of this blog :D

5 retrospection:

Deepa said...

Thank you very much for the recomendation Good luck with more improvements in beta

reyna juana said...

dumaan ang reyna. :)

carey said...

wow, thanks for those tips, i would definitely refer to them when i'll have a domain of my own (naks), seems like you're becoming an expert on this stuff... :)
"focus on the content" < gikarir na gyud ni nimo ha. ;)

Cai said...

Aja! Aja! ^-^ ayos ang ganda naman.. magaling! magaling! salamat sa pagpost ng mga references.. nyaha! hava a great day!

Raine said...'s the least i can do :)

@reyna juana: =D>

@carey:just making the most of my idle moments :D

@cai:thanks! hope ma-apply mo yan sa