August 15, 2007



Nope these aren’t lotto numbers. These are the number of posts I have each month since March. The figures are almost the same with the dwindling number of blogmates visiting this site. The numbers are alarmingly decreasing. Gone were the days when I post twice a day about minute details of my life or sudden bouts of epiphany. And when I blog hop like there’s no tomorrow. When I used to be a comment whore. Nope, it’s not that blogging has lost its appeal to me. It’s just that I got really busy…yes I have nothing to offer but the usual excuse. I think the karmic thingy is now working its magic. I’m now finally paying off my idle days. I’m juggling work and studies and travel and then there’s this guy who has blown me away… ;)
I’ve been putting off writing a “blog hiatus mode” because I thought I could squeeze blogging in between my busy-ness. Even up to now, I still won’t post about having a hiatus. I’m still in a state of denial.
To those blogmates(I think there are still two left who visits my site)…I’ll try to post regularly and visit your blogs…soon.
For now..i’ll be posting…sporadically.

7 retrospection:

jae said...

The guy who blew you away? No wonder you nicknamed him Blow. :p

And I'm pretty sure I'm one of the two blog mates that you have (loyal baya ko nimo). I'm wondering, who's the other one? ;)

Abaniko said...

Am I your second regular visitor? :)

I'm guilty of the same thing. It's good that I can always get away with not writing by posting pictures. Hehe.

Jigs said...

this happens to everyone. Stress can get the best of us.

I'm still a regular visitor by the way!

carey said...

uy tig visit baya ko ha...di lang ko tig comment na. lurker mode sa ko ron. these days i get my usual dose of blog reads via my rss feeds. :)

i just notice something about your posts --- di na kaayo personal unlike before... he he he... anyway, ayaw lang declare hiatus...we're just here anyway.

Raine said...

@jae:but he was nicked blow even before i knew's a funny story actually, will tell you about it..yes you're one of the two..the other one would be my bestfriend who's required to read my blog :-)

@abaniko:i'm envious of your photos and for updating regularly even with those speaks a lot actually.nope you're not but i wouldn't mind if you visit regularly though ;)

@jigs:yes stress and simply having not enough time or maybe poor time management.i appreciate your visit jigs!

@carey:lagi pareha na ta lurk mode ani hehehe bitaw noh? siguro kay dugay na mi wala nagstorya sa akong sarili or tungod pud naa na sa multiply na blog ang mga nonsense stuffs :D

fence said...

GUGG sad! Hehehe. Maayo na. :)

Raine said...

@fence:butangi! :)