August 30, 2007

Time for a change

Flo, mag-dula pa ka ug dance revo pag 30s na ta?(Flo, will you still play dance revo when you’re in your 30’s?)”My friend Cherry asked me as we just finished 3 rounds of DDR at Timezone. “ Siyempre! (Of course!)” was my instant reply.
I was feeling a bit sad when we parted ways because who knows when we will see each other again. She’ll be back to Manila this Saturday and won’t be back here in our Davao not until next year. I remember way back in college when we used to spend time together almost daily. Mmmmm I’m feeling a bit sentimental right now. Not only because of missing college days , and working overtime and listening to Dreamsounds albums..but because I sense a change coming in. The wind is changing its course. There’s a slight shift in the planetary alignment. A giant hand is scrawling something in the stars. I might quit my job soon. Our boss told us that our team would be dissolved and we will be assigned at different areas individually. We will now report to the plantations since that’s where we are needed. This means that I won’t have easy access to the internet. I might actually have to work. I might have to sacrifice my studies. I have to wake up early. I have to travel regularly. And most importantly… I would be separated from my officemates whom I’ve worked closely for the last two years. I’m gonna miss them….miss my old boss…everything….change. I hate it. I have difficulty in dealing with it. I’m just thankful that some parts of me remained the my passion for dance revo hehehe
Change is constant…inevitable..i might have to stop fighting it …for once…for a change.

3 retrospection:

jae said...

On the the flip side, change isn't that bad. Imagine the wave of possibilities presenting themselves to you. =)

Thank you for being around. As always. =)

carey said...

hmmm...sometimes i drown my sentiments by keeping myself busy.
regarding 'change''s one of my favorite words (aside from 'ideas'). it signifies hope for me, something different, something new...

Raine said...

@jae:yes i's just that coming out of my comfort zone is such a tedious job :(

@carey:can i have some of your optimism pill? ;)