February 18, 2008

Buda... again

Last2x Saturday(Feb 9) a couple of officemates and I went to Buda and stayed their overnight. We rented a rest house at Island in the Sky and the main feature of the house was the fireplace...err truth be told it was the first fireplace that i came in contact with :-P It was that cold there to warrant a fireplace, I think the place is 4000 Meters Above Sea Level so that explains. Anyways, as usual i enjoyed the place and we revisited Seagull Resort and bathed at the man-made waterfalls even if I was freezing my ass off. I wish I could build a house there someday. Here are a couple of pics from that weekend:

The rest house we rented.

The fireplace and me

The whatchamacallit car that toured us all over Seagull Mountain Resort

The man-made waterfalls

The perfect ending ...dinner at Santander, "Hito-an sa Calinan"

4 retrospection:

splitzapper said...

Classmate officemate diay mo ni Engr. Dapdap?
Sige ka lang laag classmate ha, la ka na sulod2x sa klase.hahahahhaha...

Raine said...

@splitzapper:yes officemate kaayo...kaila mo? wala ko ga-absent oi taka lang ka...kaw siguro :P

Marco said...

wow laag!! nice pics!

Raine said...

@marco:lingaw didto :-)