November 17, 2007

Grades! Grades! Grades!

Today is the first day of our MBA classes for the second semester. Since I’ve enrolled it means that I survived the 1st sem and still up for the challenge :) I also got our grades and I think I did ok, “just ok”. I am not really grade conscious because I got trained in college to be satisfied with a passing mark of 75%. Some of our teachers would actually give a grade of 60% so we learned to be appreciative of our barely passing grades but I am actually disappointed now with my grade in on of our subjects. I got 2.1(equivalent to 84%). We had no exams, assignments or written works just reporting, class participation and attendance. I think I only had 3 absences and did well with the reporting but I admit that I lack in class participation. We usually discuss about economics (as the name of the subject suggests) politics, current events and etc. I usually have nothing nice to say about these things so I chose to shut up. There were a few times though that I actually spoke during class but I’m not pretty sure that my teacher agreed with me. He told us that young people nowadays are selfish, apathetic and caught up with their lives and doesn’t care about our country.
I told him that “sir, there’s actually a good side to being selfish and apathetic. I am one of those people sir, I am tired of our country’s political system and I think it’s pretty pointless. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t care for our country. I try to be good with my job and be a productive citizen so at least I wouldn’t end up as another unemployment statistic. I try to be financially stable so that maybe in the future I can start my own business and give jobs to others”
I forgot what he replied but anyways I end up getting a low grade, a classmate upon learning of my grades actually said ‘but you were good in class’ I don’t know maybe she just said that to make me feel better.
Annyways,this is what I hate in school. The line “You reap what you sow” doesn’t apply here. There are outside factors that control the outcome of your studies. You could study really hard but still get a low grade because of unfair teachers! Damn you MOFUs!!! Ok I’m feeling slightly better and I should really be grateful for my grades on my other subject:
Ignatian Leadership-1.1
Business Research 1.2
Business Statistics-1.4

Hehehe kailangan i-post jud…as if! ;-)

8 retrospection:

jae said...

1.1 for Ignatian Leadership. Impressive. :D

Sigurado ko itakwil jud kas Ateneo kung gamay kag grade ana. Hahaha.

Ad majorem dei gloriam!

cheska said...

i just might be in Davao soon...=)

i second Jae's comment. =p

Marco said...

glad to be back!

may balak ako mag masteral din :-)

Raine said...

@jae:thanks jae! Fortes in fide! :-)

@cheska:uy hope to see you when you'll be in town :-)

@marco:welcome back! cge pursue mo yan...ok mag-masteral

leigh said...

wow! unya ma cumlaude ka ana na? magna or suma? aw unsa ba? hahaha murag college!

Raine said...

@leigh: nah! dili jud oi

Marco said...

enrolled na ako sa Master of Arts in Nursing at PWC. :-)

Raine said...

@marco:wow good for you..God bless on your new endeavour :-)