November 15, 2007

One More Chance

I watched "One More Chance",the new movie release of Star Cinema yesterday which stars Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz. In fairness I was entertained by the film but not in the way expected. I find the lines amusing, I was so amused that I would like to see the movie nominated for Best Comedy Flick for 2007.

Bea talking to John Lloyd:

Bea: I need space
John Lloyd moves a seat apart and points to the space
John Lloyd: Space? ayan oh space

John Lloyd Breaking up with Maja:

John Lloyd: Ayaw kitang makitang nasasaktan
Maja gets up from chair and closes John Lloyd's eyes
Maja: para di mo ako makita masaktan

Everybody needs a few laughs...go see the movie! :-)

4 retrospection:

cheska said...

will watch it on cinema one...hehehe medyo matagal pa yun pero aantabayanan ko. =)

leigh said...

pangit kay happy ending.. dapat dili aron makarelate jud ko... i dont like the movie...

Raine said...

@cheska: good idea para di masayang ang pera! :-)

@leigh:me either

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