November 9, 2007

Photo Attempts

I am not competitive by nature. I don’t like joining contest or any form of competition because I hate losing. If ever I’ll be asked to join a contest at school or at work, I would act indifferent as if I don’t care to win but deep inside I really do. Anyways, Blow convinced me to join a photo contest for 6th Mindanao Information & Communications Technology Congress. It’s open to professional, amateurs and wannabe photographers. You just need to submit an original photo that’s not digitally edited that’s in line with the theme “Technology and Nature in Harmony”. And so we took random pictures(using Canon Ixus 75) and entered two photos each. To our surprise we made it to the top 20 errr…maybe this is because there are only 20 participants?
Anyways, even if we didn’t win,we did have fun taking the pictures. We got caught in the rain, crashed through a private resort and etc.
Here are the photos that we submitted(first four) and those that we didn't.

2 retrospection:

Abaniko said...

Hey, cool pics, huh? I like the plant in the middle of the road. It's a fresh execution. Galeng!

Raine said...

@abaniko: wow coming from you...that's a lot.Salamat! :)