September 16, 2009


I watched my first Davao made indie move last Saturday at the Crocodile Park (near the Gallery of Davao).So how did I find the movie? What movie? hehehe Seriously, it was visually entertaining and the music which accompanied the scenes were pretty captivating but I didn't totally get what the movie was all about. I did not understand the message that the movie was trying to convey. Maybe because it was not told in the usual "linear" way and the movie was experimental and unconventional in its approach. I was a bit surprised to know that the movie won a lot of awards not only in the Philippines but in Korea also among others. I found this review of the film which achieved to put into words the things that i wanted to say. Despite not understanding the film, I still salute the people behind it including the viewing I attended and it shows that there's a lot of home grown talent in Davao and we have a lot to expect from the film industry and should be open to "new" things.

2 retrospection:

psyche said...

I think there's a better way of representing our country rather than poverty, prostitution and crazy politicians. :)

Tan-awon daw nako ni sa youtube be. :)

Raine said...

@psyche:yes i completely agree with you! cge2x gang...check out the movie :)