September 12, 2008

Hello Acer!

A month ago my office unit, an HP laptop was judged to be beyond repair. The monitor was very dim and the techies said that it would cost P32,000 to replace the LCD. They said it was probably because I dropped it which I did…a couple of times actually. They wouldn’t issue me another laptop unit so I decided to buy my own. Good thing there are installment plans or else I couldn’t have afforded it. There are no fast cash payday loans available here...too bad. I bought an Acer Aspire 2920z! I love it because it’s only 12 inches and much lighter than the 14 inches HP.The only drawback was that the OS installed was Vista. Vista is flashy and all but it's slow.I wanted to install XP but I’m still giving Vista a try. Anyways the games I installed were compatible so I’m happy.Happy monthsary to my Acer!

4 retrospection:

psyche said...

I bought an acer too. =) mine is 14 inches. =)

Raine said...


Drama Queen said...

Hi raine,

happy new lappie! goodluck with the Vista OS. I was so used to using XP that the first few months after I bought my laptop na-werla gyud ko! hahaha it's rather slow plus the toys/utilities that I like (image resizer, thumbnail viewer) don't have a version compatible with Vista.

I'll try to type my Youngblood contributions. Gipangita nako sa archives sa Inquirer, wala na gyud didto. hehehe thank you sa comment raine, glad to hear from you! :)

Abaniko said...

Mine's an Acer Aspire too! - 5580!

Enjoy your new laptop!