September 23, 2008


My cousin Boyet left me an offline message yesterday. He said "Cuz, I saw your poems in Davao Sunstar last Sunday.Congratz" I immediately asked Blow to find me a copy. Good thing his office subscribes to Sunstar so we were able to see it with our own eyes. It feels weird to see it in print(Ode to a boxer and Musings on a bus ride). When I wrote it the only publishing I had in mind was through this blog. I had illusions before in submitting to Youngblood but I can never seem to string enough words and can never seem to find a good topic. Anyways, I owe it all to Dom for submitting it to Dagmay (the Literary Journal of the Davao Writers Guild which appears every Sunday in the Weekend Sun Star Davao) and for believing that my words are fit enough for public consumption. He didn't even omitted the F-Word hehehe Salamat kaayo Dom!

1 retrospection:

Karina said...

hello flo, dream pud nko mkapublish ug article sa youngblood. pero murag nonsense man akong masulat uy. late 2006, i had the same experience knowing from other people na napublish akong 2 articles from a Mindanao website to a local newspaper. ang katingalahan lng, wla gani ko idea or wlay permission na ipublish nila. Nabasahan pa jud sa akong boss...ulaw kaayo kay essay man gud siya about being single and femininity. hehehe. :-)