September 25, 2008

Season 3

I want to take this opportunity to inform everyone that, Heroes and Dexter Season 3 has now began and that despite my busy schedule and my nth quarter life crisis…I 'm never too busy to download. Go torrent! Go Rapidshare! Weeeee !!! ;)

5 retrospection:

bariles said...

Hi Floraine,

I hope you could come for the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit. Malapit lang naman = sa kabilang ibayo lang ng Davao.

Para sa atin ito kaya dapat nating tangkilikin.


Miah said...

up to the middle of season 2 lang ako ng heroes... hehehe.. nice kau naaddict ko ana dati... nawala naman sa rpn uie...

I've heard about dexter na series nice daw na xa and sikat sa US... gusto tah ko watch hehehe... basi puhon.. ayo2.. :)

Avat@r said...

So I assume you have a copy already?
Do checkout Eureka's Season 3 as well as Fringe :)

Raine said...

@bariles:i'll try ha...hanap ako ng kasama

@miah:ayaw pagsalig sa rpn...daghan man pirated hehehe nice ang jud dexter :)

@avat@r:of course! I've already watched the 2 episodes...twice. i'm eagerly anticipating ep3 ;)
Eureka and Fringe..ok i'll add that up in my list of series to watch

Drama Queen said...

Hi Raine,

I am now hooked on Dexter and I think Michael C. Hall should have won the Best Actor sa Emmys. This is the serial killer in me talking. Hey, I need to catch up with you sa bloggers' event on the 21st. I have a book I want to lend you. :)