July 1, 2007

First Day High

I had my first day of class in MBA last Friday. I mean last last Friday coz I was already absent last Friday. I was expecting something different but to my dismay I found things to be almost the same as college. It feels like dating a guy you swore you would never see again and hoping he’d change but finding out he didn’t ..forgive the analogy, I’m currently watching Grey’s Anatomy. Anyways, to elaborate further…

1.You still introduce yourself to the whole class; I was almost expecting to be told to wear name tags.

2.The classrooms have improved a lot. The desks are almost spotless but an occasional vandalism here and there still makes an appearance. I didn’t find my fave vandal though…that drawing of button with the words “push button to eject teacher”

3.There is still that student who hangs on to every word the teacher says. He seems to make it a mission in life to finish whatever statement the teacher leaves hanging. I hate that student.

4.There is still that smart kid who has the answer to every question. I hate that kid.

5.The teachers are still made from hell. Giving assignments on the first day of class, WTF, talk fast and speak in tongues…epistemological triangulation? Gimme a break. I still hate teachers.

6.I still have panic attacks at the thought speaking to the whole class or be called for recitation.

7.My attention span has further decreased. My mind wanders off every few seconds.

8.Time still seems to stand still during classes…3 hours seems like forever.

9.The books, modules and reading materials still possess this strange magical ability to induce sleep.

1o.There is still that cute guy that makes you look forward to each class ;)

I know…I know I should quit complaining. Whoever said that going back to school is a piece of cake? I was maybe a tad disappointed for how things went out but I promised myself to relish the experience and learn and enjoy hating it :)

9 retrospection:

Jigs said...

Hehe! This was an entertaining read. But I do think its a bad thing that not much has changed in our educational system.

Ria Jose said...

EY! Where are you taking up your MBA? I think my cousin is your classmate.

Abaniko said...

Haha. I share your sentiment about school. I haven't completed my MBA and going back to finish it is quite daunting for me. Argh!

jae said...

School would be fun if only the teacher is the cute guy you look forward to seeing in class. Lol.

Welcome back to the academic sphere, Raine. School's getting too old (for me) but it's the only way to achieve that newfound dream. You know. Hehehe.

Miss you online.

Raine said...

@jigs:thanks..yeah tis pretty sad...i was looking forward to new and exciting things pa naman...tsk..tsk

@ria:at ADDU..who's your cuz? :-)

@abaniko:i'll see how i'll fare this sem but i'm really planning to finish this degree come rain or hail hehehe

@jae:well i'll certainly look forward to each class if the teacher's the cute guy ;)
good luck to us jae!

jon said...

you're going to thrive and kick butt. I know these things!

Raine said...

@jon:thanks for the vote of confidence...will definitely give it my best shot :)

NEOLLE said...

graduate studies is tiresome and full of requirements lalo na pag your professor is demanding. i was thinking of transferring to mba when i saw the pretty girls taking it.

i like your site! xlink?

Raine said...

@neolle:yes very tiresome indeed..i only enrolled bcoz of those pretty boys hahaha