April 11, 2007


i could've made small talk and told you that i know the song your playing
Try,Try,Try by Smashing Pumpkins right?
i could've told you i love SP too and that i could name all the members of the band and that i even memorize some of their songs
i sense that you're nervous, i was too...scared even, i could've told you that
i could've told you i have a brain and that i could differentiate, even integrate
i could've made you see i've got soul too not just flesh
i could've cared
i could've have done, said a lot of things but didn't
what for?
i won't even probably see you again... ever
it's just for one night anyway
my last one night

4 retrospection:

tina said...

hmm... emo it is... :)

thanks for the info about the koreandish... hehe. my sister would be delighted by it... (she watches toomany korean novelas)

Raine said...

@tina:yep emo it must be :) your sis and i have much in common then hehehe

carey said...

yup, what's the use of going further... when u know it won't last.

Raine said...

@carey:it would just be a waste of time :(