April 14, 2007

i was never meant to climb nor rhyme

All my bags are packed
Rarin’ to blaze the track
Though courage I still lack
I rely purely on luck
Then 3:00 the clock struck
Without much knock
RED attacked
Thus I have to back out (silent out)
Now I’m lying on the sack
Thinking of the friendship I f*cked
My mind’s out of whack
I really need to see a quack

6 retrospection:

psyche said...

kung me magaga ka lang sana para mapigilan eh no..

but then, wala.

cai said...

wey wey, anong nangyayari? ok ka lang ba?

Abaniko said...

But you're meant to blog. :0

Rest if you must but don't you quit. Hehe.

Raine said...

@psyche:mao jud girl

@cai:ok lang ako cai, just the monthly girl thing that thwarted my plans hehehe

@abaniko:hehehe thanks, yeah i must rest then condition myself for future adventures

zarine said...

Cute post raine. :)
Although you missed out on it, there's always a next time ;)

Raine said...

@zarine:thanks zarine.i do hope i can go with them next time so i can get past over this thing :)