April 23, 2007

Lightbulb Moments

Who needs a shrink when I have friends like these? :)

Me :I’m not depressed or suicidal but I just want to get this life over and done with
Mike : You should see a shrink. It helps, I saw one before
Me :really? What for?
Mike : I was having anxiety attacks mostly it was because of my thyroid
Me :thyroid as in hyperthyroidism?
Mike : Yep people w/ hyper are prone to depression
Me : I have hyperthyroid…I guess that figures. It was hyperthyroid all along
Mike : Really are you having medications?
Me : yep but it’s been a while since I had my check up
Mike : You should continue your meds and about your prob.. a shrink could really help
Me : why is it that they only contact us when they get bored or lonely?
Paklay : Well kids…I guess that’s the role we play in their lives. But admit it we also have people whom we only call when we get bored or lonely right?
Me :yeah so it must just be some karmic thing
Me :Ever hide from reality through fantasy?
Erwin : not really because most of my fantasies…sexual that is have come true, modesty aside. What about you? What are your fantasies even those not sexual? Maybe it’s time to make them into a reality
Me : meet prince charming…ever after
Erwin : that was a quick answer *gulps beer and pauses for a long moment of silence*


And to George for making me realize that i am in love with Wentworth Miller LOLS Thanks for giving me the last two episodes of Prison Break..bitin

2 retrospection:

jae said...

Taymsa. Wala diay na post akong comment ani?

Anyhoo, how about seeing someone to talk things with? Someone you can pay to just listen to your rants without having to dish his/her two cents. Wouldn't that be lovely? Lol. But of course, you have this space to vent out and you could always disable comments (for the same purpose). (--,)

Raine said...

@jae:murag wala jae hehehe yes i guess this space does serve that purpose..getting advices even unsolicited ones from strangers and friends :)