April 28, 2007

Unfinished Emo-ness

To delete or not to delete that is the question.I found some drafts but haven't the heart to finish them and oh well i wanted badly to post something today so i decided to post them as they are. Another line i came up with (damn i'm feeling so clever lately :> ), "Some things are better left unfinished... esp. when it's emo"
Somebody planted a cocoon at the pit of my stomach.
I can feel it slowly growing each day.
I don’t know where it feeds it strength.
But today I felt a tiny crack and the slow and unsteady unfurling of its tiny wings.
I feel its hesitant flutter but I feel its growing strength
Today, I counted one but now I realized it’s two, three, oh wait there’s more
Their flapping is making me squeamish and woozy
Today, the day that you came...
I taste summer on your lips
Shiny , shimmers
Sending tingles
Down my spine
I smell moonlight on your skin
Twinkle, sparkles
Sending tingles
Down my spine
I find it cute the way you avert your gaze when I catch you staring at me
The hesitation of your hands as you reached for mine
Or the way you seem to shiver at the slightest touch
The unsure ...
I am at a point when I’m unsure whether to move forward or step back ,
But I suddenly realized that I can neither do both.
It wasn’t a question of moving forward or back,
left or right, up or down.
It’s whether to fall or soar.
And that the choice wasn’t really mine after all,
The body has already succumbed to gravity.
The plummet has already begun.
Will I fumble towards ecstasy this time?
Or shall I brace myself for another crash?

4 retrospection:

tina said...

I have a lot of.... drafts as well.. wew..

carey said...

i like the first one....weird... butterflies on your tummyyyy! :)

i have some unfinished posts here, they're unpublished coz the thoughts are kinda not applicable to my present situation already... meaning, murag na-obsolete na. when i read them, i realize my dreams and plans are always changing...faster than i could blog about them! heheheh....(now, i wonder if that makes sense too)

balikbayan_box said...

i have to many drafts as well need to finished them before posting new ones hahaha

Raine said...

@tina:better post it then hehehe

@carey:yep makes sense to me, i actually have more or less 50 unpublished post so i try my best to post them even if they're no longer applicable :)

@ayeza:that's what i planned but laziness got the best of me so i posted them as they are hehehe