December 29, 2009

Sorta Year End Report

of my life of course.

This year I challenged the meaning of two words, Irrevocable and Forever.


Last January, I tendered my irrevocable resignation at my job for four years. I had a new job which I didn't like at first. I regretted my resignation from my first job but I can no longer undo my decision thus I continued with the new job and slowly came to appreciate it. I learned a lot of things professionally and about myself during my stay there. I met a lot of people who have now became good friends. I was beginning to enjoy myself and my job when I got a call from my former boss. I was given an opportunity to get my old job back with a couple of new perks. I had a few hesitations but in the end decided to return to my former employer. Now 11 months later I am back to the company where I tendered my irrevocable resignation. Irrevocable is not unchangeable after all.


I have firmly hold on to the belief that Friendships last forever. That when two persons vowed to be good friends and commit to the friendship then its bound to be eternal that they can overcome any challenges that comes their way. However after losing a couple of so called best friends I am beginning to lose faith in the words "Friends Forever". Friendship ends because people change and with this personal transformation the value they place on friendship also changes. People change, feelings change...I have learned to accept that Forever is just an indefinite period of time. It's not eternal.. I still feel lucky though that a few precious friends are still around and I'm hoping that they wouldn't be so careless in throwing away the bonds we shared.

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