November 6, 2008

Vanishing Island

Still on with the Digi Scrap Mania. Well, I'm really loving it. It makes me feel productive. I love it that I wanna blog about it. And that makes me love it more because my blog would be updated.
Here are two additional digi scraps (omit the S and it's crap! ;) ). Both pictures were taken during a weekend outing last Oct 25 at Vanishing island which is located in between the islands of Samal and Sasa/Tibungco.
This one features my dear friend Rhea, who was the generous host during that weekend outing.

And this one features Blow, my twin!

3 retrospection:

karina said...

gusto pud ko ani. dili lng ko kabalo mag photoshop. hehehe. :)

very very nice, raine!

Raine said...

@karina: thanks,dali lang man pramis! if you want i can make one for you...char murag hawd

janus said...

dang i miss vanishing! tsk tsk... i hope to go there with my friends soon, AGAIN. hop lang ko! :)

nangita kog davao bloggers. haha.. basig naay mga blogger's meet or some sort bah mainvite ko. LMAO