November 4, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking

I've always loved to keep mementos of events, places I’ve been and of my family and friends. I keep shells and sands from my beach trip. Movie tickets and receipts from my memorable dates. Garlands from my graduation and etc. My room now looks like an attic filled with those mementos. I have slum books, photo albums, photo frames, jars of sands, shells, figurines and scrapbooks and etc. Recently I’ve been trying to organize my scrapbook because there are a lot of embellishments available because it has become pretty popular lately. But like every other thing I do, I’m only good at starting things and not really finishing them so my scrapbook is now dusting in the corner of my room, unfinished and untouched for several months now. And now I’m starting something again. I’ve been learning Photoshop and decided to start my Digital Scrapbook. I want to start first with the people in my life and then events.
Here’s my very first amateur attempt. It features my friend Ailyn taken at Masao, Mati last year. She taught me Photoshop and is my accomplice in downloading scrapbook kits and etc. I actually got the idea of a digital scrapbook from her. This is my way of thanking her of the Photoshop tutorials and of course of the friendship.

P.S. There's more to come :) I’m still trying to decide where I’m gonna upload my digi scrap.

3 retrospection:

iceshimmer said...

thanks ate flo. na touch ko. hihihi

Raine said...

@ailyn:welcome...hehehe panagsa lang baya ko magbinayot :)

psyche said...

this is pretty rain. =) ma try nga din. =)