October 24, 2008

Life for Sale

Last Friday I learned two things. First, that sometimes doing your job well can cost you your life and second life can be bought by a mere couple of bucks. I’m getting ahead of my story, here’s what happened.
Last Friday around 8:00 in the evening, an officemate called me to inform me that Kuya Aweng, one of our colleague and presently our section’s team leader was shot while driving. A motorcycle overtook his vehicle and the driver turn around and fired his gun, a single shot which went to Kuya Aweng’s shoulder. Then the motorcycle took off. He was with his family and his wife immediately called 911. He was rushed to San Pedro Hospital but after several minutes attempt of revival he was declared dead. When I learned about it I rushed to the hospital but I was too late. Apparently some people got angry at him because he was implementing controls in our trucking system. They were disgruntled because they can no longer make extra bucks from the fuel that they steal from our company. Where’s justice in that? And here’s more, they also threatened the other supervisors in our department saying that they’ll be killed next. We are all afraid here because a similar incident happened in another company in the same industry. 4 people were killed exactly a week apart.
It happened a week ago and until now I can’t seem to accept his death. We are not that close personally but we work alongside together everyday. I just can’t understand why it happened and I’m afraid of what might happen next. I’m angry why some people take killing lightly. It seems that life to them is cheap and dispensable. When they don’t like you…they’ll hire somebody…bang! Your life is over. There’s not much I can do except be vigilant and pray.

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