June 24, 2008


Hi I’m Raine and I’m an Addict.
Ok so this post will be about books again! But don’t tag me as a book blog…not yet. In time I know this obsession will fade but then again it might not. Anyway, I got my first book from bookmooch yesterday. I mooched this from Elizabeth in Australia. I think the shipping fee she paid was more expensive than the book but still she sent it. Thank you!! My dad sent me an sms that the package has arrived. It felt like Christmas morning! Weeee! I was so excited to get home but I have work so I told my dad to open the package for me and check the condition. He texted me that the book was in excellent condition. When I got home my eyes zoomed in on this sight, Salman Rushdie’s Midnight Children!

Anyways, I wanted to announce that I am accepting book donations. Books of any kind and at any condition. Fiction books of course and not Textbooks or Encyclopedias or Porn Mags. I am trying to collect books to trade so I could read all the books in the “1001 must read books before you die” Please help an addict out.

To donate, leave comments or email me at florainea[at]gmail[dot]com ;)

3 retrospection:

*dreamy* said...

great book, that.

Raine said...

@dreamy: haven't finished it yet...too many books...too little time

*dreamy* said...

is raine your real name? just curious. me from davao too. but now in canada. :D