June 26, 2008


I made a friend last night. Her name is Stargirl. She was the perfect antidote to my predicament. She was the right person to have at that moment. I was feeling disgusted with myself for being such a brat and treating other people like planets that should revolved around me..the sun. I was doing some thinking on how to sort out this planetary deluision. To be un-selfish and think more of others feeling before myself. And there she was. She fell from the stars and right into my lap. She’s a lot different than me more so because she was the very essence of me. The me that I should become. She has no sense of self, no ego but she was the most whole person I’ve known. She taught me a lot of things. She taught me the power of random acts of kindness. She taught me how individuality could bring people closer. She taught me a lot of things that I can’t recall all of them. Our conversation was more of feeling than words. She spoke right through my heart in a language that sounded more like drum beats. We only spent a couple of hours together but the glow she emanated remained with me until now. I’m afraid that a few of her star dusts rubbed on me and I know I’ll never be the same.
In a cookie cutter world, an imperfectly shaped gingerbread man looks like a star.

5 retrospection:

jae said...

I'd like to meet Stargirl.

Thanks for sharing the list Raine. =)

Raine said...

@jae: i am stargirl LOLs sure jae, she's not hard to find :)

Drama Queen said...

hi raine,

i think i read Stargirl na, but with age, nicotine and caffeine, everything is hazy but i remember the cover very well... happy reading! :)

Anonymous said...

hi raine, i found you here thru your bisaya blog.

i love reading too and i may try stargirl if i have time. you made a very nice write-up here. :)

i also learned about davao readers circle, gusto lagi ko apil ana... kaso medyo busy lng sa grad school. pero basi one session mo try ko ug sipot sa meeting ninyo. pwede pa ba? :)

-karina, classmate nimo sa addu

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