June 18, 2008

Bloggers and Grammar

I attended the Davao Bloggers Party last Saturday and it was a blast! It was so nice to meet those lovely people esp. Ted who offered to buy books for us and Lany who was my former neighbor... I was happy that she still recognized me. Ok I’m not gonna go into details about the event coz I’m sure you’ll probably read about it in 20 other blogs. Also I have no photos to boast of so there.
A friend asked me if the bloggers activity includes a crash course in grammar because she noticed that some of the bloggers can’t even string proper words together. Ouch! Her words actually hit a nerve. I am guilty of this because I still struggle with my grammar and spellings and I’m afraid that everytime I hit the publish button the grammar police would pop out off my screen. I told her that some bloggers might not be that mindful of correct and proper grammar because most of them write in free flowing fashion. Blogging is thinking out loud in printed words and others like me type the words even while the brain hasn’t finished processing the whole thought yet. Sometimes I still edit after I plublish the post…oftentimes I don’t.. which is clearly shown in my posts. I guess it’s no longer an excuse that English is not our first language because why chose to write in English in the first place right? Anyways after what she told me I tried to be more mindful of my grammar and spelling and punctuations….ahmm maybe in the next post :)

9 retrospection:

tina said...

hay. too bad i did not make it. hayhay. im so glad you had fun... :)

its nice knowing.. you fellow bloggers are having fun.

about this 21.. will try ha? im preparing for an event rin kasi. have a great day!

Maria "Ria" Jose said...

Thanks for coming! :)

I think bloggers shouldn't be overconcerned with their grammar as long as they are able to convey their message well. BUT this is not an excuse to be lazy or careless. :D

Also, seek out always be improve. :D

Hmmm... I'll look for a great grammar teacher and maybe have a session for bloggers.

Bone MD said...

I flunked grammar in grade school and in high school.

Sometimes, when your mind is bursting with thoughts, my fingertips do the grammar checking! Hahaha!

But, what a nice post! See Charlz pics in his blog Dabaw Pinoy. Check out also Leigh's "No!" post and my blog Daily Habit's grammatically porn-ish post!

Raine said...

@tina:oo nga too bad many were not able to come.cge hope to see you in one of the DRC meeting :)

@ria:we had fun at the party too bad i had to leave early.grammar session is a good idea, you can count me in on that.

@bone:weeee i'll check those post.it was so nice to meet you dokie :)

AlRitch said...

Agree pud ko. Dili raba ko hawod ug English basta akoa makaexpress lang sa akong opinion. Hhehehehehe..ala ko dayon adto Davao Bloggers kay maulaw man ko oi. ehehehhehe

Drama Queen said...

Hi Raine! :)

Sorry to have missed the meet-up last Saturday, will be present in the next. I found a goo, no, great book at Powerbooks that I finished it in 2 days! will share it with you...

personally, when i turn to being a grammar police, i get sidetracked and my posts sound "robotic." for me, I blog for the sheer pleasure of it - everything about blogging and i guess that includes the typos and syntax errors.

and my MassComm teachers will kill me for posting this! hahaha

Raine said...

@alritch:ay nganong naulaw man ka, sunod magsabot ta para sabay ta adto :)

@drama queen: really hope you could join us next meeting.yes, let's blog for blogging's sake...cheers!

Anonymous said...

hi raine! how are you???
wala ko kaadto :(
medyo maulaw pud ko pareha kay alms...hehehe..
plus, i also had somewhere else to go to. gusto jud unta nko muadto ato. kanus-a next meetup???

Marco said...